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Egypt: Mubarak acquittal sparks protests

By: Source: VOA News Egyptian police used tear gas and water cannon against more than 1,000 protesters upset with Saturday’s acquittal of former President Hosni Mubarak in the deaths of anti-government demonstrators in 2011. Egyptian officials say at least two demonstrators were killed and nine were wounded. The judge, Mohamed Rashidi, spoke for some time to a packed courtroom before announcing that charges against the ousted leader and seven other officials had been dismissed. The judge urged journalists not to comment on the case until they had read the 1,430-page decision. Mubarak was also acquitted of corruption charges that he faced along with his sons Alaa and...

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Israel bombardment of Gaza resumes after brief lull

By: Agencies Source: Israel has resumed air strikes on the Gaza Strip just hours after agreeing to an Egyptian proposal for a ceasefire that was not formally accepted by the Palestinian group Hamas. Fresh air strikes were launched on Gaza at around 12:00GMT on Tuesday after Hamas fired nearly 76 rockets at Israel since 9am, the Israeli army said. “We have resumed our operation against Hamas,” the army tweeted. The Israeli cabinet approved a ceasefire proposal from Egypt on Tuesday morning, which would have put an end to the week-long conflict that has killed 193 Palestinians and injured more than 1,400 others in the Palestinian enclave. The violence claimed...

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Egypt: counter revolution of mass death sentences

Source: Al-Jazeera via YouTube Abdullah al-Arian, Assistant professor of History at the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, speaks to Al Jazeera about the mass death sentences handed down by an Egyptian court to Muslim Brotherhood members.

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