In The Name Of God The Most Merciful, Most Compassionate


AFL star’s journey from Southern land to spiritual home

Apr 17 2011 First, football saved Daniel Southern, the 15-year-old high school drop-out who dulled the heartbreak of his parents’ divorce by drinking 20 beers a sitting on weekends. Paralytic, he’d inevitably wind up under a tree in a mess of vomit somewhere. Then, once a slightly older but considerably wiser man was drafted from Perth to the Western Bulldogs, the game focused and drove him. As years past, having one of the most recognisable faces in the AFL, and a cult following, became suffocating. Particularly because the figure that was being recognised was not the person Southern knew he was. During his 20s, this saw him turn into something of a recluse. When Southern...

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The permissibility of Muslim revolutions

Apr 05 2011 As protests and defiance spread in Muslim countries, questions are being asked as to whether such conduct is halal. As revolutions and uprisings sweep the Middle East and North Africa, most Muslims everywhere are energised by a wave of hopeful change in a region that has suffered far too long under the stultifying rule of “presidents for life.” However, some Muslims are more hesitant, and view the protests as unsanctioned rebellions against legitimate rulers. To begin to analyse the current situation, each of the movements in the various affected countries would have to be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Conditions in each country are unique, and therefore any blanket...

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Saudi Army: a highly dynamic engine, or moral-less bandits?

March 29 2011 The Saudi Army is the most versatile army in the world. Don’t believe me? I can prove it. It is an army which has proved itself to be able to adapt to changing dynamics. The British army could not do it; the USA army could not do it; the European armies could not do it. Iraq and Afghanistan are fine examples of it. However, the Saudi Army is made of far better stuff. How they adapted to changing circumstances is clearly evident by their recent activities. About a year ago, they launched an aerial attack and a land attack against a rag-tag band known as Houthi rebels in Yemen. What happened? In spite of using their billion-dollar purchases of USA fighter jets and modern...

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