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Saudi Deputy Crown Prince sets out to visit Trump

By: Mohamed El Sharif, Marwa Rashad and Katie Paul in Riyadh Source: Reuters via MuslimVillage RIYADH (Reuters) – Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, in charge of Saudi Arabia’s reforms, left on Monday for Washington to meet President Donald Trump on a visit expected to promote the world’s top oil exporter as an investment destination. It will be the first meeting since Trump took office in January between the U.S. President and the powerful prince leading the kingdom’s efforts to revive state finances by diversifying away from falling crude oil revenues. Under the plan, which seeks to promote the private sector and make state-owned companies more efficient,...

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Is the US headed for dictatorship? One academic says yes

By: Jim Sleeper Source: openDemocracy As Donald Trump rampaged through the Republican primaries last March, I argued here and on the New York National Public Radio station’s Brian Lehrer Show that neoliberal Democrats as well as free-marketeering Republicans were leaving it to Trump to do what his Inaugural Address has left him no choice but to do: to become the dictator of the nationalist, plutocratic regime that he is installing under the banner of what he called “a historic movement the likes of which the world has never seen before.” He has vowed to vindicate forgotten Americans and, through them, American greatness: “January 20th 2017, will be remembered as the day the people became...

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British Muslim exposes the media’s “constant stream” of inaccuracies on Muslims

By: Harriet Sherwood Source: The Guardian British media organisations have been forced to make a string of corrections and retractions over recent months relating to coverage of Muslims following routine monitoring. Miqdaad Versi, an assistant general secretary of the Muslim Council of Britain, has undertaken a personal project to track articles about Islam and Muslims in order to spot misrepresentations and inaccuracies. He has secured almost 20 corrections and retractions, and a further 20 complaints are being examined by the press regulator, Ipso. Several complaints have been rejected. Among the published corrections was a story published on the Sun website last week, originally...

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