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Muslims urged to ignore Prophet film

CAIRO – A leading American Muslim group has appealed to all Muslims worldwide to ignore a film defaming Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him) that sparked attacks on US diplomatic missions in the Arab world. “We urge that this ignorant attempt to provoke the religious feelings of Muslims in the Arabic-speaking world be ignored and that its extremist producers not be given the cheap publicity they so desperately seek,” Nihad Awad, national executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said in a statement obtained by A film, produced and directed by an American-Israeli real-estate developer, portrays the Prophet as a fool, philanderer...

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Indonesian Muslims prayer by portable_soul / Creative Commons

Southeast Asia Muslims Most Devout

CAIRO – Muslims in Southeast Asian are among the most devout in the world, being the most enthusiastic followers of the five pillars of Islam, including Zakah, prayers and fating, a new survey has found. “Annual almsgiving, which by custom is supposed to equal approximately 2.5% of a person’s total wealth, is almost as widely observed as fasting during Ramadan,” the Pew Research Center said in a new survey cited by the Wall Street Journal on Monday, August 27. “In Southeast Asia and South Asia, the median of roughly nine-in-ten Muslims say they performed Zakah.” The survey, which included 35,000 Muslims worldwide, focused on the performance of the five pillars of Islam; Shahadah...

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Gaza, get an airport or get a life

And thereby hangs a tale. And therein lies my pain. What worsens the situation and doubles the pain is that all moves around, oblivious to every fact on the ground. I seem destined to suffer each time I have to cross the Rafah border into Egypt. My story is not worth mentioning as compared to other ghastly stories whose ending is shaped by the Palestinian-Egyptian mood by which the conflict is once eased and million times further complicated. Unluckily, the latter has always been my case whenever I need to travel. And this makes the odyssey of crossing the Rafah-border worth telling. “Why don’t Palestinians have an airport?” it’s the joke that kills me the most. The difficulty of going out...

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