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Canada: Does “counter-radicalization” mask the targeting of Muslims?

By: Monia Mazigh and Azeezah Kanji Source: ‘Counter-radicalization’ is frequently pitched as an obvious solution to the obvious problem of domestic terrorism. And so, the recently-unveiled federal budget dedicates $35-million over five years to establish an Office of the Community Outreach and Counter-Radicalization Coordinator. Expert analyses, however, project an unflattering light on the whole enterprise of counter-radicalization. In a report released this February, UN Special Rapporteur on counter-terrorism and human rights Ben Emmerson criticized prevailing approaches to countering radicalization as conceptually flawed and ineffective. “Many programmes directed at...

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Encounters: Aboriginal Australians and Islam

By: Source: Two cultures who met to trade and exchange commerce, two cultures that showed mutual respect and understanding of each others values, language, customs and laws. Two cultures that sustained a co equal relationship for three centuries without ever having fought a war, they never sought to establish government over the other, they traded and engaged in commerce as business partners and never felt so insecure in their own culture  that they needed to destroy or diminish the cultural symbols of the other. Key Note Address by Patrick Dodson (Bio: Patrick Dodson (born 1948) is a Yawuru man from Broome, Western Australia, he is a former...

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Sonny Bill Williams visits Lebanon refugee camp

By: Source: Sonny Bill Williams spent his first day of a whirlwind trip to Lebanon getting to know the most vulnerable victims of the Syrian refugee crisis – the children. Among them was Fatima, a girl who escaped to Lebanon from Syria with her parents and four brothers two years ago. She had been left traumatised after seeing her best friend die in a bombing while they were walking together back in Syria. At the Saadnayel informal settlement in Faida, Bekaa Valley, Unicef ambassador Williams met Fatima’s family, hung out with her and her school friends, and visited her school room, which is a few tents put together on the settlement grounds. Music has...

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