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Stan Grant viral Racism and the Australian dream speech

By: YouTube Source: YouTube Veteran journalist Stan Grant’s speech goes viral. – Subscribe to our channel: – Follow us on Twitter: – Find us on Facebook: – Check our website:  ...

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Beirut is no less innocent

By: Habib Battah Source: Al-Jazeera  Lebanon, Beirut – Because the Lebanese community is one of Australia’s largest and oldest immigrant groups, it was not entirely surprising to see Lebanon’s flag projected on to Sydney’s iconic Opera House as published by a local news site. But that image of solidarity after last week’s Beirut bomb attacks proved to be a digitally altered fake, underscoring the double standard that lurks beneath the myth of global compassion for victims of such attacks. Lebanese bloggers and tweeps were quick to point out that while monuments across the world had been lit up with the French flag out of respect for the victims of...

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Australia: confronting Islamophobia with tolerance

By: A.S. Bharadia Source: MuslimVillage The average Australian does not know much about the Islamic faith and the Muslim community, yet, some believe they have a right to act upon and create biased groups and fronts going against the religion and community. Where do they get all this information from? Recent media representation of Muslims has not been particularly balanced. The ongoing post 9-11 waves of political drama, the recent shootings in Sydney and Melbourne debates have ushered in the narrative of Muslims as the dangerous or deviant “other” into the public imagination. These debates and anger have mainly come after the Lindt Café shooting in Sydney, carried out by a previously...

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