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HalalTrip launches Australia tourism guide

  By: AsiaOne Source: AsiaOne Australia is a popular travel destination amongst Muslim tourists and the destination has allured travellers for years with its uniqueness and diversity. It is renowned for its vibrant mix of cultures from all over the world as well as its fantastic wildlife, varied landscapes and fascinating attractions. The destination attracts a large number of tourists annually – including a significant percentage of Muslim travellers from Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. Tourism Australia and HalalTrip, a booking website and guide for Muslim travellers, have launched a new guide for Muslim tourists in Australia. The 68-page guide showcases...

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Refugee Crisis: Hungary declares state of emergency

By: Ayesha Tanzeem Source: VOA News RÖSZKE, HUNGARY— Hungary on Tuesday declared a state of emergency in two southern counties as part of a crackdown on migrants trying to reach the European Union. The move came hours after Hungary closed the gap in its border fence with Serbia that migrants had for weeks used as a main, unofficial entry point. Local volunteers handing out food and supplies said a couple of hundred people crossed through there Monday. Monday evening, the tents the volunteers had set up near the fence which, until a few days ago, were full of migrants resting after a long journey, were completely empty. Only a kilometer or so away, at the legal crossing point from Serbia...

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US to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees

By: Mike Richman Source: VOA News The United States says it will accept at least 10,000 Syrian refugees in the coming year and increase humanitarian assistance for those fleeing the violence in Syria. This comes as some U.S. lawmakers are pressing the Obama administration to do more to address the refugee crisis. The U.S. has taken in about 1,500 Syrian refugees since the civil war broke out in that country more than four years ago. On Thursday, the United States announced plans to help Syrian refugees more, saying it will accept at least 10,000 of them in the coming year. The White House said President Barack Obama agreed to let the refugees in the country starting next month. “The...

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