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Gaza: Israel kills 5, injures hundreds of Palestinian protesters

By: Reuters Source: Reuters The Israelimilitary responded with air strikes at three positions belonging to Hamas, the Islamist group that rules the Gaza Strip, an army statement said. It said 16,000 Palestinians had gathered along the Gaza border and hurled grenades, firebombs and rocks at Israeli troops, who responded with “riot dispersal means” and live fire when required. Palestinians have been protesting along the border since March 30, demanding an end to Israel’s blockade of the territory and the right to return to lands from which they fled or were driven when Israel was founded in 1948. Since the protests began, 212 Gazans have been killed by Israeli troops,...

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Gaza Strip: Palestinian killed in Israeli airstrikes

By: The Daily Star Source: The Daily Star GAZA CITY, Palestine: A rocket fired by Palestinian militants hit a house in the largest city in southern Israel on Wednesday, Israel’s military said, prompting Israeli air strikes that medics said killed at least one person in the Gaza Strip. The attacks came as Egyptian mediators try to negotiate a long-term ceasefire after months of violence along Gaza’s border with Israel. The rocket severely damaged the house in Beersheba before dawn, the military said. The family living there managed to take shelter in a reinforced room after alert sirens sounded, said officials in the city about 40 km from the Gaza Strip. Another rocket launched...

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Mother of seven killed in West Bank Village

By: Akram Al-Waara Source: Middle East Eye Aisha al-Rabi, 48, a Palestinian mother of seven, has died after her vehicle came under attack by a group of stone-throwing Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank. Aisha was in the car with her husband Yaqoub and their two daughters on their way back home in the Nablus-area village of Bidya, when they were stoned by the settlers late on Friday. The attackers, who encroached on the right shoulder of the road, ambushed Aisha’s car, hurling large stones at the front windshield and passenger side window, where she was sitting. In the midst of the assault, which took place around 9pm, Aisha was struck with a large rock on the right side of...

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