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NYPD forced to produce Muslim surveillance records

By: Matt Sledge Source: A federal judge ruled last week that targets of the NYPD’s surveillance of Muslims can probe the department’s files. Brooklyn U.S. District Judge Pamela Chen’s order comes at an early phase of a lawsuit against the NYPD, one of three such ongoing legal efforts. It will allow the plaintiffs in the case, represented by the American Civil Liberties Union, to make extensive legal discovery that could bolster their allegations that the department has engaged in unconstitutional spying. The ACLU sued the NYPD over revelations from reporting by the Associated Press that the NYPD had engaged in widespread surveillance of...

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British Mosque destroyed in Islamophobic arson attack

An Islamic center in north London was destroyed in a suspicious fire on Wednesday, June 5, to the shock of the Muslim community in Britain. “We’re gutted and shattered, it’s heartbreaking,” Ahmed Ali, who works at the Al-Rahma Islamic Centre in Muswell Hill, told London Evening Standard. “We are in total shock that this has happened in our community but it will not stop us. “All our neighbors have shown solidarity today and have been inviting us in for coffee and asking how they can help us rebuild.” A blaze totally destroyed the two-storey Islamic center on Wednesday. A graffiti reading “EDL” was painted on the wall of the burned center, in reference to the far-right English Defence...

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Australian political party launches with anti Muslim platform

BY:  Shalailah Medhora Source: A Sri Lankan migrant has launched a political party that runs on an anti-multiculturalism platform. Rise Up Australia already boasts about 1,500 members and plans to run 65 candidates in the upcoming federal election. “Rise Up Australia Party, which is committed to keeping Australia for Australians, is utterly and completely opposed to multiculturalism,” says Rise Up Australia’s founder Daniel Nalliah. The Sri Lankan-born pastor draws on his own migrant past in defence of assimilation. His message has the backing of international figures. “If you...

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