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Afghan families living in extreme poverty: 30,000 children dying

  Leila is watching her baby intently, as his mouth moves trying to swallow the small blob of yellow peanut paste Dr Tayab has spooned gently into his mouth. She sits on the floor of her one-room mud house and rocks his tiny, malnourished body on her lap. After a tense pause, the baby’s neck strains and he’s sick into a cloth the doctor holds up to his chin. Leila holds her bundled son, Mohammed, to her face and begins to cry. Her voice is desperate. “Every time he has food he is sick. I’m so scared he’s going to die.” She hides her face in the blankets wrapped around her son’s body, as Dr Tayab calmly prepares the next spoon of therapeutic food and begins the process again. Leila’s...

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Taliban factions regroup to fight US invaders

LADHA, Jan 2: All jihadi groups, in consultation with Islamic Emirate Afghanistan (shadow Taliban government in Afghanistan), have decided to set up a committee to set aside differences in their ranks and step up support for war against western forces in Afghanistan. The decision was taken at a meeting of the Taliban Shura held at an unspecified place on Monday. A statement issued in the form of a pamphlet to the media in Waziristan after the meeting said: “All Mujahideen — local and foreigners — are informed that all jihadi forces, in consultation with Islamic Emirate Afghanistan, have unanimously decided to form a five-member commission. It will be known as Shura-i-Murakbah.” The...

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Limited supplies of food left as winter looms in Afghanistan

More than 2.5 million people face hunger in drought-stricken areas of Afghanistan despite billions of dollars of aid that have poured into the country in recent years, aid agencies say. Many villagers have only limited supplies of food left as winter looms, as the BBC’s Mike Thomson reports from the central province of Bamiyan. In the far north of mountainous Bamiyan Province, to the east of the capital, Kabul, a mother sits in despair with a small boy on her lap. Bibi Nakiba tells me that all she has left is some dried fruit and a few potatoes. “Whatever we have in our house we give, but we’ve come to the time when there is little left. We have to say no to our children,...

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