In The Name Of God The Most Merciful, Most Compassionate

All Raidah Shah Idil


On flying spoons and bearded men

Imagine this – twelve Muslim girls are having dinner at a local Thai restaurant. They hear something clatter outside their private booth, and wonder why a spoon is on the floor. Shortly after, a bearded man in Adidas track  pants appears, pulls back the curtain and says, “Sisters, put your voices down.” Then it clicks. He threw the spoon. Outraged, one of the sisters stands up, walks all the way to the other side of the restaurant, and tells him that he has no right to tell them to quiet down. The man replies, “Why don’t you take this napkin and wipe this plate?” This happened on the evening of July 30th. It gets worse, but I’ll spare you the details. Misogyny is alive...

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Muslims, learn your history!

What’s the first thing you associate with the word “Muslim”? What about “Muslim community?” Odds are, it’s not something positive. Many Muslims today suffer from a defeated mentality. Instead of longing to visit Damascus or Istanbul, many of us would rather visit the bright lights of New York or the cafes of Paris. That’s where all the fashion, glamour and art are, we tell ourselves. Believe it or not, Andalusia, the capital of Muslim Spain, was once called the Ornament of The World. We had street lamps during the Dark Ages. Andalusia had a 100% literacy rate during a time where the king of Europe could barely write his name. Jews and Christians in Muslim Spain rushed to send their...

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Sisters, Marry Down!

June 29 2011 For all the educated Muslim women out there who are still single, let me introduce a (not-so) revolutionary idea: Marry down. That’s right, you heard me. Marry down. You know your ideal husband? That tall, dark and handsome university-educated professional who is also an ‘alim with a fully-furnished house, expensive car, and who, by the way, makes awesome cheesecake? He doesn’t exist. (Well, if he does, he’s probably married. To one of your friends. And I don’t encourage polygny.) So if you’re planning to marry within this lifetime, here are a few suggestions: Ditch the degree In an already shrinking pool of good men, don’t shoot...

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