In The Name Of God The Most Merciful, Most Compassionate

All Mohamed Ghilan

ulugbek-madrassa_l by Gusjer / Creative Commons

Reason, Empiricism and God of the Gaps

  What is the function of science? Throughout the various debates about religion and science and whether God exists or not, the conversation hardly ever begins with this simple question. We are all on a quest for the Truth, and depending on our background we might have differing modes of inquiry. However, given this day and age, and the communication and transportation revolutions that have transformed our world from isolated cultures into a small village, different people across the globe are now adopting similar ideologies and worldviews. With all the materialism that has taken over, and overstimulation of the human senses, what is increasingly becoming the only acceptable source of...

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Exercise Vs. Diet: The Brain’s Dilemma

An emerging theme that is becoming dominant in neuroscience literature are the positive effects of dietary restriction on cognitive function deutsche volkslieder kostenlos downloaden. If you eat less, it seems that you will become smarter. Moreover, another line of neuroscience research is showing the benefits of exercise on learning and memory photos van iphone op pc. In fact, multiple studies have shown the improved learning and memory in those who engage in exercise programs. The benefits of exercise have also been shown to reverse the decline in memory of older men and women games for ps vita for free. The problem we are faced with in the West is that of abundance. While science is...

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Unveiling Atheism

There is a mantra that is constantly recited by the new science-worshiping atheists, which comes in different versions while essentially saying the same thing. Apparently, the evidence provided by science so far suggests that the existence of God is unlikely. Hence, the sound position one must hold on God’s existence until the evidence suggests otherwise is in the negative or at the very least neutral. It is as if science is the only acceptable methodology of acquiring knowledge. Furthermore, apparently the burden of proof is on the believer. It is the believer who must provide the proof that God exists because it is the believer who proposed His existence in the first place herunterladen....

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