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All Mohamed Ghilan

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There’s no LGBT Islam

وراتب مجهول أو من أبنا *** وأغلف عبد خصي ابن زنا By: MOHAMED GHLIAN Source: The subject of sexual orientation is quite sensitive within the Muslim community. This is especially the case in our postmodern times of “question everything”, “nothing is sacred”, and “I can do whatever I want so long as I’m not hurting anyone else”. Matters that were never contentious until only recently are now receiving the spotlight. Some might see it as a sign of a healthy mind. After all, when one is being inquisitive and challenges the status quo, they’re not being a blind follower. However, we’re in a unique position in comparison to our predecessors. The rate of literacy, and by that I...

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Deen and the rise of Atheism

“The Hour will not commence until it’s not said: there is no God except Allah” The statement quoted above is an authentic Hadith of the Prophet, peace be upon him, in which he reveals what the final state of belief will be among the people; complete and utter atheism. To see how such a dramatic transformation will take place, all we need to do is look at history and we’ll get a sense of how this event will unfold itself. Generally, one who reads history will have one of two reactions. They will either learn from mistakes committed in the past so they don’t fall into them, or they will get depressed as they observe everyone around them fall into the same cycle of error in spite...

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Creed is important

“The first obligation upon the legally responsible is correcting their faith” Imam Al Akhdari (15th century Muslim scholar) The above quote is a standard statement made by many scholars when writing a book on fiqh powerpoint kostenlosen chip. Creed is the number one concern for a student of sacred knowledge and it must be corrected before they can proceed further in their studies. Beyond space and time, un-caused, having no beginning, and no end office 365 downloaden gratis für windows 10. Directionality does not apply to Him. He is not near you or far from you. Closer to you than your jugular vein, but not inside of you while also not outside of you in Germany. Rules have no bearing on...

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