In The Name Of God The Most Merciful, Most Compassionate

All Mohamed Ghilan


Imprisoned thinking

By: Mohamed Ghlian Source: “The most dangerous prison is the one where you can’t see the bars.” Dr. Tariq Ramadan These are confusing times. A short reflection on what one stands for and what they believe in is bound to generate a self-induced state of anxiety. This is especially the case for many of those raised in traditional households who either live in the West, or are indirectly influenced by Western-based post-Christiandom influenced secularized ideals through mass communication and media outlets. Since the very beginning of recorded history humans have been asking deep existential questions and providing whatever answers they could come up with to make...

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The Complacency of “God is Merciful”

By: Mohamed Ghilan Source: Over the past couple of days a common phrase is being propagated amongst a number of Muslims that I’m surrounded by, which at first sounds accurate, but once the context is clarified it becomes immediately apparent how it is being used falsely: God is All Forgiving and All Merciful الله غفور رحيم While these are in fact attributes of God in the Islamic tradition, there are also other attributes that need to be acknowledged, such as God is severe in His Punishment  He is the Vengeful, and the All Powerful. He is the God of nice sandy beaches with palm trees and 25oC sunny weather and a cool...

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“Deluded time” with Bill Maher

By: MOHAMED GHLIAN Source: On May 10th The Guardian columnist Glenn Greenwald was invited to be a guest panelist on Bill Maher’s HBO show “Real Time”. Those who are familiar with Maher’s rants against religion, and specifically against Islam, wouldn’t be surprised that as usual, he tried to give his same old tired “Islam is the problem” two-bit. But Greenwald as he indicated the next day was actually hoping for such an opportunity to set the record straight for Maher with some facts, which to the misfortune of Maher is exactly what happened as he was utterly shredded when he cried “it’s not our fault” internet explorer...

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