In The Name Of God The Most Merciful, Most Compassionate

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The struggle of faith in trying times

By: Mohamed Ghilan Source: There are many Muslim converts in the West who leave Islam on a daily basis for various reasons. Sometimes it is the lack of education, while other times it is the nostalgia for their pre-Islamic lifestyle and friends. But there are times that a legitimate doubt about the validity of Islam itself enters the heart, which drives converts to leave their adopted faith. The sense of confusion they thought they would finally have resolved through becoming a Muslim persists and the answers they thought they would find turn out to have been a mirage herunterladen. The end result is that not only do they remain confused, but also now they have adopted a...

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Why are Muslims so serious about their Prophet?

By: Mohamed Ghilan Source: One of the most bewildering things for non-Muslims, especially in the West, is the utter less than zero tolerance of Muslims for anything that could be deemed as disrespectful towards the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. What makes it more puzzling is the generally somber reaction a non-Muslim would receive if they made fun of a Muslim’s background or heritage when it’s taken in relation to the reaction received when it’s about the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. In a culture where nothing is sacred, and everything is open game to be ridiculed, the permissibility of all of which falls under the banner of freedom of expression, the...

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A word on mockery

By: Mohamed Ghlian Source: Our modern culture has embraced mockery of anything and everything to the extent that nothing is off limits as the idea of the Sacred has by and large been discarded. The elders, parents, teachers, religion, prophets, and even God Himself have all become regulars on comedy sketches on television and many comedy acts something from youtube. Mockery has become so much the norm that when an individual or a group of people has an adverse reaction to it, they’re viewed as uptight, too serious, and lacking a sense of humour. After all, these are just words – so, take it easy. Right? Words are not just sounds we produce to form letters that we...

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