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From Land Day to the Nakba – the legitimacy of Palestinian struggle

By: Isabella Bellezza-Smull Source: OpenDemocracy On Friday March 30, over 30,000 Palestinians peacefully approached the border area of the Gaza strip to bring attention to their unfulfilled right of return to their families homes inside Israel and to highlight the ongoing plight of living under Israeli occupation. Israeli military forces responded with lethal force, deploying troops, drones, tanks, and snipers who fired on the crowds using live fire, rubber-coated steel pellets, and tear gas. By the end of the day, fifteen Palestinians had been killed – many of them plainly unarmed – and over 1,000 wounded. By the end of the following week, 31 Palestinian lives had been taken,...

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Eve, the mother of mankind: Is her tomb in Saudi Arabia?

By: Mohammed Al-Sulami Source: Arab News JEDDAH: The claim that the tomb of Eve, mother of mankind, is in the Cemetery of Eve in central Jeddah has sparked a controversy. During a tour to the graveyard, Arab News learned that it is difficult to locate the tomb of Eve and to determine the exact date of her death. Some accounts claim that Eve was buried in this cemetery, while many academics stress that there is no reliable evidence to back this claim. The cemetery is in Ammaria neighborhood in the center of Jeddah. According to elderly residents, it dates back thousands of years. But Mohammed Youssef Trabulsi, who authored a book on Jeddah and its history, explained that all historical...

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Stamp of Prophet Isaiah found in Jerusalem

By: PanARMENIAN.Net Source: PanARMENIAN.Net MuslimVillage Editor’s Note: Imam Ibn Kathir mentions in his “Stories of the Prophets”: “Among the prophets between David and Zakariah is Isaiah (pbuh), Ibn Amoz (Amisiah). According to Muhammad Ibn Ishaaq, Isaiah (pbuh) appeared before Zakariah (pbuh) and Yahya (John the Baptist) (pbuh). He is among those who prophesied about Isa (Jesus) (pbuh) and Muhammad (pbuh). The king during his time was called Hezekiah (Hazkia). He listened and was obedient to Isaiah in what he advised him to do and prohibit for the good of the state.” Muslims have traditionally accepted Ash`iya’ (أَشْعِيا) as a prophet of Allah Most...

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