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Did the Sahaba celebrate Mawlid?

By: Qays Arthur Source: MuslimVillage “In Sharh Usul al-Bazdawi of al-allama al-Akmal: ‘the majority of our colleagues (among the Hanafis) and the majority of the Shafi’is have said that matters which admit of permissibility or prohibition in the Sharia before its transmission remain permissible, and that is the basic presumption regarding them… so they deemed permissibility the basis, and prohibition is by demonstrating negation…’” Rad al-Muhtar, Imam Ibn Abidin It has become quite common, especially in Rabi’ al-Awwal, to hear the question, “Did the Sahaba celebrate Mawlid?” That question has even become a source of doubt for some due to the sheer frequency with which it is...

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Prophet Muhammad (pbuh): his birth and reality

By: Shaykh Gibril Haddad Source: Alsunnah Foundation of America On how Allah bestowed honor upon Muhammad (s), by giving precedence to his Prophethood. Also, on the purity of his lineage, the signs that accompanied his conception, birth, and upbringing. The Creation of His Blessed Soul When Allah made the Divine decree to bring Creation into existence, He brought forth the Muhammadan Reality from His Lights. He then pulled away from this Reality all the worlds, upper and lower. Allah then informed Muhammad of his Prophethood, while Adam was nothing but soul and body. Then from him gushed forth the springs of the souls, making him superior to all created things, and the greater father to...

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Got some free time? Consider these amazing destinations

By: Moulana Muhammad bin Haroon Source: Al-Miftah A man was on his way to a neighboring village when an angel suddenly appeared before him. “What takes you to this village?” enquired the angel. “To visit a brother whom I love for the sake of Allah.” was the sincere reply. The angel questioned further, “Do you have any other motive?” The man replied,”No.” upon which the angel exclaimed, “I am a messenger of Allah and I assure you that Allah loves you as you love your brother.” (Sahih Muslim, Hadith: 6495) At the same time, another angel is deputed to proclaim the following message to him: “You have done well, your foot steps have...

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