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Maryam Dharas, Sakina Dharas and Ali Dharas were booted from an esayJet flight after being wrongly accused of being ISIS members.

Muslim siblings falsely called “ISIS” then booted from easyJet flight

By: AMITA JOSHI Source: getwestlondon Three Muslim siblings from London were marched off an easyJet flight by armed security after being falsely accused of supporting ISIS. 19-year-old Maryam Dharas, 24-year-old Sakina Dharas and their sibling Ali Dharas, 21, had boarded the Naples bound plane from Stansted airport on August 18, where they were confronted by air cabin crew before take off. In an interview with The Guardian , they recounted the moment when they were asked, “Do you speak English?” by officers who they said grilled them for hours. Maryam, who will be reading English Literature at King’s College London in September, said she has no doubt they were racially...

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What is the Olympic spirit regarding politics?

By: Yousef Munayyer Source: Al Jazeera “Two disaffected black athletes from the United States put on a public display of petulance that sparked one of the most unpleasant controversies in Olympics history and turned the high drama of the games into theatre of the absurd.” That is how the Time Magazine chose to describe the now iconic scene of Tommie Smith and John Carlos raising black-gloved fists high while standing atop the medal pedestal and refusing to look at the American flag. The year, of course, was 1968. Months earlier, Martin Luther King Jr had been assassinated, and major riots took place that year and in the years prior. Nascent Civil Rights legislation was still...

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The significance of Hajj

By: Abu Hudhaifa Muhammed Karolia Source: In the concluding ayah (verse) of The Bride of the Qur’an, Surah Rahman, Allah Ta’alah describes Himself as Master of Grandeur and Honour. In this light it is observed that the more than ninety-nine names of Allah Ta’alah belong to two major groups; those which expound Allah’s grandeur and majesty and those which expound His honour. The former are known as the attributes of jalal while the latter are called the attributes of jamal. Examples of the former are anger, punishment, might, power, ownership and kingdom. Mercy, compassion, generosity, tolerance, forgiveness, guidance and sustenance are examples of the latter. Because man has...

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