By: MuslimVillage (compiled and edited from various sources)

Source: MuslimVillage

When one faces hardships and tribulations it helps to be mindful of the potential blessings that can accompany them.

Every hardship and suffering is, in fact, an opportunity and potential blessing.

Allah the Exalted states in the Quran:

And We will surely test you with something of fear and hunger and a loss of wealth and lives and fruits, but give good tidings to the patient herunterladen. Who, when disaster strikes them, say, ‘Indeed we belong to Allah, and indeed to Him we will return.’ Those are the ones upon whom are blessings from their Lord and mercy. And it is those who are the [rightly] guided.” [Al-Quran 2:155-157]

“[He] who created death and life to test you [as to] which of you is best in deed – and He is the Exalted in Might, the Forgiving.” [Al-Quran 67:2]

“Or you think that you will enter Paradise without such (trials) as came to those who passed away before you logo for free? They were afflicted with severe poverty, ailments and were so shaken that even the Messenger and those who had faith with him said, ‘When will the Help of Allah come?’ Yes! Indeed Allah’s help is close!” [Al-Quran 2:214]

So in reality each moment of hardship is an opportunity to earn higher ranks, it is an opportunity to be patient and earn Allah’s mercy and blessing and Allah’s regard for you herunterladen. The more the difficulty is met with patience and forbearance the more the blessing spiritual progress.

Indeed the Prophet (Allah’s peace be upon him) said:

“Verily, with greater rewards come greater trials. Verily, when Allah loves a people He will test them, so whoever is pleased then for him is satisfaction, and whoever is angry then for him is wrath.” (Tirmidhi)

As long as people are living in comfort, their reality remains hidden treiber für hp drucker herunterladen. They remain untested. But if a trial or difficulty or a hardship visits them, then their reality becomes manifest. Whatever is the nature of their heart will be revealed either iman (faith) with forbearance and constancy, or hypocrisy with vileness and bitterness.

Therein lies the meaning of a test. Of course we are also tested with ease and blessing, for which we should be grateful, but it is normally the difficulties that shake people herunterladen. Yet this entire world with all its tests is a fleeting moment of our eternal lives. We need only press on through this moment with patience to gain eternal bliss beyond our wildest expectations.

The Prophet (Allah’s peace be upon him) has also said:

“If Allah intends good for someone, then He afflicts him with trials.” (Bukhari)

Joy, therefore, should be close on the heels of sadness for the believer who faces hardship stl file. This is because he or she is aware that Allah has given him or her an opportunity that is only granted to whose He most loves and wants the best for.

So have complete faith and trust in Allah that HE will make it alright. With such faith there is no room for despair in your life because you know that everything is in the capable hands of Allah, the Almighty, the Compassionate, the Most Loving spiele kostenlos herunterladen für windows 7.

Indeed Allah says in the Quran:

“So flee to Allah.” [Al-Quran 51:49]

Therefore, run to Him for help. Run to Allah to find solace. Run to Him for indeed all things come from and return to Him in His sublime perfection.

One must understand that this universe is under Allah’s control and that one has no control over the ebb and flow of reality synology dsm. All that happens is by the will of Allah, you have no power to steer it your way.

Yet we must also recognize that no hardship is without purpose and no suffering is without reward. Things will unfold according to Allah’s will and He has well that the believer finds benefit in all circumstances.

The Prophet (Allah peace be upon him) said:

“Wondrous is the affair of the believer for there is good for him in every matter and this is not the case with anyone except the believer berlin dungeon fotos herunterladen. If he is happy, then he thanks Allah and thus there is good for him, and if he is harmed, then he shows patience and thus there is good for him.” (Muslim)

So there is no point in worrying about or during difficult times. We only need to believe in and turn to HIM through remembrance and obedience. That is patience in the face of hardship.

Therefore, be patient and seek your opportunity in hardships hogwarts mystery herunterladen. Know that Allah loves you. That is why He wishes to purify you. Allah loves you and He has given you an opportunity to come close to Him. He loves you and that is why He put you through tribulations to manifest and develop your faith and love for HIM. Allah loves you and will never abandon you, so never abandon His remembrance and obedience.