Aug 17 2015

By: MV Media


Sydney, Australia – Australian based Islamic fund manager Crescent Wealth today announced it is now managing over $100 Million in Islamic Super and Investments.

This makes Crescent Wealth not only one of Australia’s fastest growing Super funds, but also one of the best performing with many of their funds market leaders in their respective sectors hobbit pc game for free.

This is a remarkable achievement for a company that launched the world’s first private Islamic pension fund a little over 2 years ago. Now Crescent Wealth is Australia’s leading Islamic superannuation and investment firm. They invest in accordance with Islamic investment principles and offer all Australians, not just Muslims, an attractive alternative in socially responsible investing. Using a comprehensive Shariah compliance framework, Crescent Wealth prohibits investment in industries that earn from interest/riba, arms production or trade, alcohol, pornography and gambling free videos downloaden.

Market Leading Performance

In 2015 Crescent Wealth’s Islamic Funds are not just matching conventional competitor performance, they have become market leaders. Crescent Wealth’s International Equity Fund was ranked as the #1 Top Performing Ethical Fund returning 27.9% after fees (ranking by Financial Express for the 2015 financial year) herunterladen. Since its launch on 22 February 2013 to 30 June 15, the same fund has achieved a great total return of 60.65%.

During the 2014 financial year, Crescent Wealth’s Diversified Property Fund was ranked as the #2 Top Performing Property Fund in Australia returning 18.6% after fees (ranking by Morningstar Ratings). The property fund recently purchased a $30.75 Million commercial investment property on the fringes of Melbourne’s CBD. Since its launch in February 2013 to 30 June 2015, the fund achieved a total return of 47.4% star of the south for free.

The Crescent Wealth Property Fund could be an attractive alternative solution for many Australian Muslims (and Non Muslims) who are looking to enter the property market but are unable to due to unaffordability issues and the lack of  trusted Shariah complaint housing loans.


Instead of buying a residential or investment property outright, savvy investors could elect to rent and invest an upfront and ongoing sum into the Shariah complaint fund that offers them attractive returns herunterladen. This could allow them to be invested in the property market short or long term, yet have their money at call within 3-5 business days if their circumstances change.

What gives more confidence to investors is that these results are not just one-off achievements. In the 2014 financial year, 3 out of 4 Crescent Wealth funds were in the top 10 best performing funds in Australia, beating many conventional funds within their Morningstar ranking category and highlighting the power of Islamic investment values google book preview.

For Talal Yassine OAM, the Managing Director of Crescent Wealth, the milestone and results are something he is very proud of.

“It marks a coming of age of Crescent Wealth as a stable and substantial player in the financial services landscape. We owe our success to the thousands of Australians who have chosen Crescent Wealth in order to invest in a manner that complies with their values and beliefs afrikanische musik kostenlosen. We thank you for your trust and confidence” he said.

The success is also a testimony to the fact that Islamic investment can deliver market leading returns without compromising on its core principles of being ultra ethical, socially responsible and Shariah compliant. It is important to note that past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.


For Muslim investors and superannuation holders, this literally is a win-win. For them it means success in this world and the next herunterladen. The growing confidence in Crescent Wealth resulted in 2015 seeing their membership grow by 99% and the funds under management by 245%.

The success of Crescent Wealth hasn’t gone unnoticed with interest from mainstream Australian investment companies as well as international Islamic Banks and investment firms.

This has seen the establishment of Crescent Wealth’s first international office.

“We have launched a new office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in order to increase our exposure to global investment opportunities” – Talal Yassine OAM, Managing Director, Crescent Wealth amazon music herunterladen kostenfrei.

Crescent Wealth’s success is not only an endorsement of the viability of Islamic investment, it also gives them confidence of continued success and growth.

“It has been a remarkable year of milestones. Our members don’t expect to compromise on price, performance or quality of service in order to achieve outstanding results” said Talal Yassine fifa 19 für pc herunterladen.

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