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Al-Allama Shaykh Sa’id Ramadan al-Buti (Allah’s mercy be upon him).

By:  Al-Habib Ali Jifri (translation: MuslimVillage.com)

Source: MuslimVillage.com

“To Allah we belong and unto Him we return…”

The news has reached us of the martyrdom of our Shaykh, the savant; the authoritative scholar: Muhammad Said bin Ramadan al-Bouti, on Friday night, as he was giving his weekly lesson in the Al-Iman mosque of Damascus, by a loathsome bombing attack in which his grandson, Ahmad, and a number of students of knowledge were also martyred.

The hearts of those who appreciate the value of the great are rent asunder by the news of this loss (of) a tremendous mountain among alps, a leading light among luminaries of erudition. He spent his entire life teaching, preaching, and writing – with abstention from the fleeting world and courage in asserting what his considered analysis (ijtihad) lead him to conclude was the truth without regard to whether it pleased people or angered them.

Generations of this Nation (Umma) have learned in his classes and from his books.

Allah has generously favored me with being able to take (learn) from him, and with keeping his company both in travel and at rest: and I found knowledge, scruples, abstention, a heart filled with the love of Allah, and tearful eyes with tears of adoration and inspiring awe.

The world was offered to him time and again and he refused contenting himself with a modest dwelling and with a subsistent livelihood.

Indeed I spoke with him by phone two weeks ago and among the last things he said was:

“Nothing but a few set days remain of this life (of mine), and I shall repose in the Garden afterwards. So don’t forget your brother when in prayer.”

Even those who differed with him among the upright scholars, to say nothing of those who agreed with him, attested to genuineness, trustworthiness, and scrupulousness (on his part) and that he never gave voice to other than that which his considered analysis and opinion lead him to.

I would discuss the current events unfolding in the land (of Syria) with him. At times it was strong discussion with very diverging points of view but never did I find it followed by any estrangement  or resentment on his part. Quite to the contrary, he would say in the final days of his life (Allah envelop him in mercy):

“It is my hope that all who impugn or castigate me as a result of considered analysis not be deprived of the reward of considered analysis.”

Oh Allah accept him in Your presence with the martyrs, and grant him residence in the Lofty Firdauce of Jannah, and make his preceding onto You a means of intercession for him, his household and students, and a means of lifting the distress from Sham; its people; and the Nation (Umma), and let him be succeeded by a righteous successor.

Whoever deems this deplorable atrocity to be acceptable in any measure, due to differing in stance or opinion (with the Shaykh), is an abettor to those who perpetrated it, (sharing) in the transgression of murder and the atrocity of desecrating the houses of Allah.

Translation by Q. Arthur for MuslimVillage.com. The Arabic original may be found here.