Arakanese refugee camp by IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation / Creative Commons

In a press release, eleven Rohingya Muslim organizations, in Burma and nations throughout Europe and Asia, have called for a “peaceful global day of action” on November 8th in order to save lives in Burma’s heavily persecuted Rohingya Muslim community.

The organizations, including: the Arakan Rohingya National Organisation (ARNO); the Rohingya League for Democracy Burma (RLDB); and the Burmese Rohingya Community in Australia (BRCA), among others, are specifically calling on individuals and organizations to organize and support peaceful demonstrations at Burmese embassies throughout the world demanding: support for a UN peacekeeping force; free access to Rohingya areas for delivery of aid; a UN commission of inquiry to determine the facts about, and extent of the persecution of Rohingya in order to prevent such violence in the future; and a repeal of the 1982 Burmese citizenship law which the release states “underpins the repression of the Rohingya”.

In another release, the Burmese Rohingya Community in Australia (BRCA) announced that it would be organizing a “Peaceful Rally to stop the violence, bring back the country to peace/harmony” on November 8th in Canberra. The BRCA invited Australians to support and participate in the initiative.

Most recently Australia’s Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, warned that Burma’s human rights record must be improved despite it’s recent efforts at reform. Gillard’s comments come in the wake of high profile visits to the troubled region by leaders such as Turkish Foreign Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, and American Ambassador Derek Mitchell, among others. Earlier this week the President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, called for an end to the violence which is seen by many to be tarnishing the Asian nation’s political reform efforts headed by Noble Peace Prize laureate, Aung San Suu Kyi. San Suu Kyi has herself declined to speak out in support of the Rohingya minority.

The ongoing persecution of Burma’s Rohingya Muslim minority and the dreadful violence unleashed in Rakhine (formerly Arakan) state, Burma (also known as Myanmar), that has seen Bhuddists in violent conflict with the vulnerable Muslim minority resulting in murder, rape, and the dislocation more than 100,000 Rohingya, has caused alarm and concern internationally.

MV editor’s note: Those interested in the Canberra event may contact Mr. Mohammed Anwar (0432574315), Mr. Tin Maung (0402783063), or Dr. Hla Myint (0423381904).