Organizer: Al Hikma Media

Al Hikma Media presents

An In Intrafaith Question Time Event

Cult or Community?

Panelist Include:

Shaykh Muhammad Yahya al Ninowy (USA)
Shaykh Faiz al Aqtab Siddiqui (UK)
Shaykh Shady Asulieman (Australia)
Shaykh Shafi (UK)
Shaykh Zied (Saudi Arabia)
Ustadh Kamal (UK)

Date: Fri 22 June 2012
Time: 7pm – 9pm
Venue: Muath Centre (Ammana), Stratford Road, Camp Hill, Birmingham, Birmingham, West Midlands B11 1AR, United Kingdom
Free Event – Limited Seating so please pre-register your FREE space


Differences in opinions have always existed in Islam. Unity in Islam is not about everyone following one opinion, one school and having one area of focus. Unity is about tolerating each other as Muslims and keeping our hearts united despite our differences.

Unfortunately, in recent times the highly academic discussions on issues that divide us have left the realms of scholastic circles and have now ended up in the playgrounds of schools, on the street corners of little ghettos and on the campuses of universities. Every YouTube watcher has now become a Mufti passing fatwas!

Has the Muslim community now broken down to little cults? Is our dawah focused on taking people out of Islam or bringing people to Islam? Is someone who prays different to us a misguided deviant destined for eternal hell? Is my little gang the only ones promised Paradise?

This is your chance to come and ask our diverse panel of community leaders from different Muslim backgrounds questions related to unity, articulating differences and what our goal as Muslims should be living in the West.

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