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Situation Report: ISIS being beaten back in Iraq and Libya

By: VOA News, Edward Yeranian Source: VOA News CAIRO – Iraqi government forces met heavy resistance from Islamic State militants in their weeks-old offensive to retake the Anbar provincial town of Fallujah. Two suicide attacks also hit a revered Shi’ite shrine in Damascus. Iraqi government forces and their Shi’ite militia allies fought to wrest the Anbar province bastion of Fallujah from Islamic State militants Saturday amid conflicting reports on progress. Iraqi Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi claimed during a visit to the battle zone Saturday that government forces were advancing along a new front from the west of the city. He says the Iraqi army’s Eighth Brigade has entered the...

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Terrorist don’t always claim responsibility

By: Heather Murdock Source: VOA News CAIRO – Three weeks after EgyptAir Flight 804 crashed into the sea killing all 66 people on board, several theories abound about what happened. It was terrorism. It was mechanical failure, or, as some claim, it could have been a meteor collision. In the days after the crash, many people waited for a militant group to boast it was responsible. After a week, many analysts said continued silence indicated that it may not have been terrorism. Why would terrorists not claim responsibility for such a devastating attack? The answer is: because they usually don’t, according to a new study by Max Abrahms of Northeastern University and Justin Conrad from...

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Syria: US rejects Russia joint airstrike proposal

By: PanARMENIAN.Net Source: PanARMENIAN.Net The United States has rejected a Russian proposal to carry out joint airstrikes against armed opposition groups in Syria, Al Jazeera reports. “We do not collaborate or coordinate with the Russians on any operations in Syria,” Pentagon spokesman Navy Captain Jeff Davis told reporters on Friday, May 20, explaining that Washington and Moscow have separate military objectives. The U.S. and Russia have been carrying out separate bombing campaigns in Syria, where a five-year civil war has pitted armed rebel groups against government forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad. Earlier on Friday, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu...

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