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Don’t be an echo, find your voice

I was lost. University was nothing like what I was expecting it to be. I had dreams of an institution where students sincerely sought knowledge. A sanctuary where

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The joy in giving

Know that the joy of giving supersedes that of receiving and accumulating because giving brings an inner contentment while accumulating only provides

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20 tips on the Sunna of good health

“Verily in the body there is such apiece of flesh that if it remains alright the whole body keeps well but if this piece of flesh develops some defect the whole body becomes unhealthy

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Respecting God’s “balance” in creation

God has singled out humans and taught them reason – the capacity to understand. All creation has an order and a purpose. If the sun, the moon, the stars, the trees and

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The first revelation

Not once showing any interest in the idols of the Makkans or those of the many other Arab tribes, he (peace be upon him) reached the conclusion of

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He who follows the Quran must follow the Sunnah

The first pertinent question in the subject is: What status does a prophet occupy when he is sent to the people? Has he no higher a status than that of a

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Imam al-Ghazali on noble character

So what is good character? In his search for the answer, Ghazali turns to a host of ahadith, including, ‘A man once asked the Prophet of God about character, and he

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Living with the Qur’an

When the Qur’an, which is an address in text form, is transformed into an object of study, there seems always to be a sort of intellectual distance that is placed between

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Prayer: the soul’s delight

What makes you say your Prayers at places where there is no one to ask you to offer them or even to see you offering them? Isn’t it so because of your

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Is everyone supposed to be a scholar?

The hadith of Anas (R.A), is familiar to many: “To acquire knowledge is the duty of every Muslim man and woman.” What kind of knowledge does this hadith refer to?

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