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Fears of all-out war in Middle East

An all-out war in the Middle East is hardly in anybody’s interest, yet it may happen, either as an escalation of a lower-intensity conflict, or because one of the sides miscalculates or is pushed into a corner. A more localized outbreak, for example in Gaza or in parts of Syria, is considerably more likely, given the incredible buildup of arms and words in the region; in the mid-term, an American-backed or led attack on Iran is not inconceivable, as the wheels of both bureaucracy and rhetoric are clearly rolling in that direction. Outward “signs” coming from the region are clearly not peaceful. Syria is becoming ever less stable, Hezbollah is restive, and the Gaza Strip...

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israeli jet

Diplomacy for humanity

Diplomacy in its essence is the art of communicating effectively with a target audience in mind. It employs language, images, symbols and various other artifacts to mobilize public opinion. Briefly, it is to create persuasion through a range of modes and methods letting individuals think or act in ways very different from what they would otherwise. In ancient time, the influence of it was confined as the means to sustain its longevity and durability to the larger audience was, technically speaking, limited. However, in the light of the 21st century and all the advances that have been made, diplomacy has grown to become a tool…a power that affects decision making process of the...

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Syrian army defectors ‘attack air force base’

Syrian activists say that army defectors have attacked an intelligence complex in the Damascus suburbs in what appears to be one of their boldest assaults so far against government security forces. The Wednesday attack came as Arab League foreign ministers met in the Moroccan capital Rabat, where they are expected to formalize a decision announce three days ago to suspend Syria. In response to the Arab League meeting, supporters of President Bashar al-Assad attacked the embassies of Morocco and the United Arab Emirates. Members of the Free Syrian Army fired heavy weaponry and machine guns at a large air force intelligence complex in Harasta on the northern edge of the capital along the...

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