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News from the Middle East

Egyptian government bombed church to blame Muslims: Report

Egypt’s general prosecutor on Monday opened probe on former Interior Minister Habib el-Adly’s reported role in the New Year’s Eve bombing of al-Qiddissin Church in Alexandria in which 24 people were killed.

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Becoming Muslim in America: five words that changed my life

Today I ran into a man who changed the entire course of my life fifteen years ago. And he did it with a smile and one simple question. Had I not met him, I would today be dead or in prison.

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The death of Israeli democracy, birth of Zionist fascism

Many left-wing Israelis are concerned that anti-democratic legislation is pushing Israel towards fascism. Right-wing Israelis have recently taken to the streets to express their views, but the question remains as to whether left-wing Israelis be able to make their voices heard.

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The shaping of a New World Order

If the revolutions of 2011 succeed, they will force the creation of a very different regional and world system. Many commentators are comparing Egypt to Iran of 32 years ago, mostly to warn of the risks of the country descending into some sort of Islamist dictatorship.

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Mubarak’s phantom presidency

As the world watches Egyptian society transform, various interest groups jockey for position in the new political order. Read this excellent analysis to get an understanding of what is really going on behind the scenes and why the West has not yet called for his Mubarak’s departure.

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Protest leaders meet with Egypt PM

Protest organisers held their first meetings with Shafiq late Friday, underlining that they met him only to discuss how to arrange Mubarak’s departure. The problem is in the president, he is not getting it that he has become a burden on everybody,” saidAbdel Rahman Youssef.

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Muslims seek change in their Hollywood story

Beyond clichéd plots, Muslim writers and actors hope to show their own true stories to Hollywood. After years of watching Muslims portrayed as terrorists in mainstream TV and movies, an advocacy group hopes to change that image.

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Mubarak family fortune could reach $70bn, say experts

President Hosni Mubarak’s family fortune could be as much as $70bn (£43.5bn) according to analysis by Middle East experts, with much of his wealth in British and Swiss banks or tied up in real estate in London, New York, Los Angeles and along expensive tracts of the Red Sea coast.

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An anti-Mubarak protest held outside Lakemba Mosque In Sydney Australia after Friday Prayer.

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Gillard calls for Egypt to be free of Mubarak

Australia has told Egypt’s much despised leader the time for political change has come. “Clearly, a transition is required in Egypt,” Ms Gillard told reporters. “It is up to the people of Egypt to shape their future but the time for change has come.”

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