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Binyamin Netanyahu attacks Arab spring uprisings

Binyamin Netanyahu has launched a scathing attack on the uprisings in the Middle East, saying that Arab countries are “moving not forward, but backward” and support from the US and European countries was naive.The Israeli prime minister said the Arab spring was becoming an “Islamic, anti-western, anti-liberal, anti-Israeli, undemocratic wave”.

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That rocky road to Damascus

The trillion-dollar question in the “Arab Winter” is who will blink first in the West’s screenplay of slouching towards Tehran via Damascus.

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Palestinian town faces uncertain future with threat to demolish solar panels

Imneizil, like so many Palestinian towns, is off the grid, with no electricity, water or sewerage due to severe restrictions on Palestinian development. After installing a solar panel power system via funding from the Spanish government to allow it’s residents to live normal lives, it now faces the prospect of having it demolished by Israeli authorities.

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A Road to Mecca – Muhammad Asad

In A Road to Mecca, filmmaker George Misch sets out to explore the frontline between the Muslim world and the West. His guide for this journey is a man from the past – somebody who, 80 years earlier, crossed all boundaries between countries, cultures and religions.

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Truths, facts and facts on the ground

With the US backing Israel through its decades of occupation, ‘negotiation’ and blocking Palestinians from gaining international recognition and support… This is a look at the truths and facts and facts on the ground that point to the reality behind these actions.

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Will Israel bomb Iran without notifying the US?

In recent weeks, intense discussions have taken place in Israeli military and intelligence circles about whether or not to launch a military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities. Will Israel seek an American green light if it decides to attack Iran or might Netanyahu believe that Obama, enslaved to Israeli interests, would have no choice but to follow suit? These are dangerous times in the Middle East.

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Could the Iranian terror plot be fake?

Fake, fake, fake – I’m talking about the latest anti-Iranian propaganda coming out of Washington, which claims the Iranian Revolutionary Guards were involved in a “plot” to take out the Saudi ambassador to the US and blow up both the Saudi and Israeli embassies. This is another one of US law enforcement’s manufactured “anti-terrorist” triumphs, where the feds set somebody up, fabricate a “crime” out of thin air, and then proceed to “solve” a case that never really existed to begin with.

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The price tag of torching Mosques

The goal of the settler movement is to destroy any hope of a two-state solution, which is seen as limiting the Jewish people’s right to all of the land promised by God. Egged on by an ever larger number of rabbis, the hardliners in this camp are too blinkered to understand that Israeli leaders, including prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, have already voided the peace process.

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US foreign policy now a disaster

Obama’s abject surrender to Israel on the Palestine question has shocked much of the world and gravely damaged the United States’ standing among Arabs and Muslims. If he’s now driven to use the US veto at the UN Security Council to block the application of a Palestinian state for UN membership, he will have been defeated by the very forces of Islamophobia he once hoped to tame.

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World leaders condemn Israel’s East Jerusalem plan

Israel is going ahead with a plan to construct 1,100 new housing units in east Jerusalem, a move that shows it has no intention of seriously wanting peace. The plan has been condemned by world leaders, including the US. Meanwhile leaders of several Knesset factions say Israel must retaliate against the Palestinians’ ‘unilateral’ statehood bid at the UN, by annexing the entire West Bank and cancelling all funding arrangements.

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