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Identity politics: the problem with calling London’s mayor Muslim

By: Faisal Al Yafai Source: The National Despite reports, London does not have a Muslim mayor. Indeed, I doubt London will ever have a Muslim mayor, in the same way I doubt the UK’s most liberal city will ever have a Christian mayor. Sadiq Khan is not a Muslim mayor so much as he is a mayor who happens to be Muslim. That distinction, small though it may seem, is actually rather important, though it has been elided of late. For Christians in the UK, that distinction still exists. To say you are a Christian is to say something about your level of commitment to and practice of the faith. It positions you on the continuum of Christianity. Not so for “Muslim”, in the UK and broadly...

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The bigotry and sexism behind hijab hate

By: Faisal Al Yafai Source: The National At the end of last year, an American man on a flight to Chicago approached a female stranger sitting a few rows in front of him and demanded she undress for him. When she refused, he tore off a piece of her clothing, leaving her, as a court in the US last week noted, “exposed and violated”. The man, Gill Parker Payne, last week pleaded guilty and will be sentenced shortly. A clear-cut case of sexual assault, surely. Yet the woman Payne assaulted, known in court as KA, was Muslim and the item of her clothing he tore off was her hijab. Payne therefore pleaded guilty to a charge of “obstruction of a person’s free exercise of religion”, a...

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Why I support Shariah Law

By: Steven W. Pearce Source: Why do I support the Sharia?  Many of you are curious about why I support Sharia.  Some of you might be curious to see why an American with an very Western sounding name supports the Sharia.  You probably wondered if I want to make America under some sort of Fox News version of Sharia Law, where every woman’s face is covered and there is no more freedom or liberty in America. Now before I answer the question of why do I support Sharia, it is important to understand that I am a Sunni Muslim that practices the Malaki Madhab (School of Thought).  There are four Madhabs, and all four have their own interpretations of Sharia.  I do not have the...

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