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US: Muslims and the 2016 Elections

Composed of people from all races, and from nearly every country on the planet, American Muslims have rapidly become a microcosm of the

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France: Muslim girl banned from school for skirt being too LONG

A 15-year-old Muslim student has been banned from attending class at a school in northeastern France after it was ruled that her black maxi skirt was ‘too religious’

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Canadian Muslims learn to deal with Islamophobia

Educating Canadian Muslims on how to peacefully counter Islamophobia, a Windsor event will discuss how the religious minority should react to hate crimes

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France: Who’s really dictating how women should dress?

The hypocrisy of the sanctimonious line towed by French conservatives is all the more glaring when one considers the emergence of several controversies highlighting the

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Muslim comedian addresses anti-Muslim prejudice with show

Mandvi’s creation, released on the Web April 9, is really a send-up of the sitcom formula that uses humor to point out serious issues related to the Muslim experience in the United States

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Radicalisation as a mental health, not religious, issue

In a recent study a correlation between extremist sympathies and being young, in full-time education, relative social isolation, and depression rather than

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Islamophobia soars in France

Anti-Muslim attacks have risen six-fold in the first three months of the year compared with the same period in 2014, hitting 222 reported violent attacks, according to

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Moving Islamophobic propaganda

The ad now appearing in the Philadelphia area is actually a piece of propaganda. There is no accurate context given for the photo it displays, and the reference to the Quran lacks a citation

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UK elections and British Muslims

Mainstream British media is full of stories about Islam, Muslims and ‘growing Islamophobia’. A recent opinion poll, conducted by Survation for Sky News, found

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Sydney woman defends Muslim woman from bigotry

An Australian woman has been deemed a hero for challenging a bigoted train passenger who was apparently being abusive towards a Muslim woman

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