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Can Muslims ever “win” in the UK?

By: Ian Birrell Source: The Guardian It is enough to make you feel proud to be British, citizens of a nation that loves little better than to boast about its brilliance at subsuming new cultures into our supposedly tolerant society. In the space of just a few days a Muslim woman clad in a hijab cooked the Queen’s 90th birthday cake, a Muslim footballer was voted player of the year for the first time and a Muslim woman notched up the unprecedented hat-trick of being the first black, female and Islamic student president. These small steps forward should have been starbursts of pride, signs of rapid evolution in a modern nation embracing diversity. Instead suspicion clings to this community,...

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Why France’s elites hate Islamic fashion

  By: Margot Patterson Source: The kerfuffle in France over Western fashion designers producing Islamic clothing for women is one of the great non-issues of our time. But the kerfuffle itself is telling. It’s another sign of the stigma Islam carries today and the prejudice against it, couched, often, in the language of liberalism and, in France, laïcité. A number of Western designers have started offering Islamic or “modest” fashions—loose, full-length-robes, or abayas, and long skirts—not just in Middle Eastern countries but in Western countries too. Laurence Rossignol, the French minister for women’s rights, recently decried this, saying in an interview on French...

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Don’t ask Muslim women to remove the hijab

By: Hawa Fuseini Huffington Post Source: Huffington Post I am a Muslim woman and an American citizen. I wear the hijab as an expression of my free religious choice and yet I encounter much resistance. From having neighborhood boys motioning that I exit my vehicle, to road users scowling at me, to my mother telling me stories of getting the infamous middle finger from other drivers, to being asked by a variety of employers to remove my hijab — these events have contributed to my experience of being a black Muslim woman living in America. This narrative parallels the experiences of other Muslim women living in the United States. Recently, Ibtihaj Mohammed, who will be the first woman wearing...

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