In The Name Of God The Most Merciful, Most Compassionate

FILE - In this Nov. 13, 2012 file photo obtained from the Iranian Mehr News Agency, Iranian army members prepare missiles to be launched, during a maneuver, in an undisclosed location in Iran. President Barack Obama may have to decide this year whether to use military force to fulfill his vow to prevent Iran from being able to build nuclear weapons, foreign policy experts say. But America’s economic and military realities argue intensely against attacking the Islamic Republic and for muddling through by, perhaps, further tightening sanctions that have cut deeply into Tehran’s economy. (AP Photo/Mehr News Agency, Majid Asgaripour, File)

US hesitates on Iran missile sanctions

By: William Gallo Source: VOA News The White House is delaying plans to impose sanctions targeting Iran’s ballistic missile program, according to a U.S. media report. U.S. officials had planned to announce earlier this week the sanctions against 12 people and companies in Iran, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates. But The Wall Street Journal reported late Thursday the decision had been delayed. The sanctions “remain on the table,” according to officials, but the paper said it is now not clear when or if they will move forward. The officials also stressed that imposing such financial penalties would not violate the agreement reached this year to scale back Iran’s...

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Iraq turns to Putin after Syria intervention

By: Maria Myka Source: The Latino Post Iraq has realigned itself around Russia and Iran, and the Shiite’s are currently celebrating Russia’s President Vladimir Putin for his work in Syria. According to Breitbart, Iraqis are now celebrating the arrival of “Putin the Shiite” in Syria, with the hopes that he will pick up the fight against ISIS. According to the article, the Iraqis are spreading stories on social media regarding the Russian President’s supposed Iraqi blood, thus the name. However, it seems that this is a ruse. The New York Times reported that the famous Facebook post in Iraq’s Shiite heartland was photoshopped and no, Putiin did not don the...

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CrossTalk on Syria: Comparing US and Russian policy

Source: RT via YouTube Getting down to business – Russia’s words match its actions. There is growing evidence terrorist groups in Syria have taken a real battering from Russia’s airpower. The West, particularly the U.S., remains at loss how to react. In the meantime, Russia creates political facts on the ground. CrossTalking with Jonathan Steele, Fred Fleitz, and Eric...

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