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Tens of thousands hit the streets in Egypt

Egypt’s Islamist and secular forces sought to relaunch the street uprising against Egypt’s ruling military Friday, packing Cairo’s Tahrir Square with tens of thousands of protesters in the biggest rally in months and accusing the generals of manipulating upcoming presidential elections to preserve their power.

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Scores killed in Egypt football violence

The last thing that the SCAF and Muslim Brotherhood would want is further instability and chaos In Egypt. They may need to look for those that will benefit from destabilising Egypt socially, economically and politically to find who is behind this and other recent problems. Who can that be? Israel, US, Saudi and Mubarak & his regime cronies? Or just another incident of soccer fans running riot?

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Talking with the Brotherhood

Earlier this week, the first democratically elected parliament in Egypt in sixty years held its opening session in Cairo. Just under half of the lawmakers belong to the Muslim Brotherhood, which is set to exercise power in the country for the first time since it was founded 84 years ago.

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The Egyptian Revolution: one year on

Today marks the one year anniversary of what started what has become to be known as the Egyptian Revolution. The day the world witnessed the incredible scenes of a human tidal wave of millions of Egyptians, breaking free from their shackles of fear, to send the modern day Pharaoh Mubarak to the dust bin of history.

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Cairo comes to Sydney in Radio Muezzin

A documentary theatre work that explores the changing role of muezzins ( the men who call the city to prayer) from the thousands of mosques across Egypt, has opened in Sydney as part of the Sydney Festival 2012. Radio Muezzin looks at the lives of four of Cairo’s muezzins and how their livelihood of singing the daily call to prayer is threatened by a government decision to replace them – and Cairo’s cacophonous soundscape – with a centralised radio version.

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Al-Azhar sheikh proposes bill of rights for Egypt

The head of Al-Azhar, the pre-eminent institute of Islamic learning in the Sunni Muslim world, put forward a Bill of Rights on Tuesday upholding freedom of expression and belief ahead of the drafting of Egypt’s new constitution. The bill, which was in the works for three months in collaboration with secular and Islamist thinkers, is a bid by Al-Azhar to assert its role as the voice of moderate Islam in the face of growing political power of more conservative Islamic groups in Egypt following the February ouster of President Hosni Mubarak.

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Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood will not recognise Israel

Leader in Egyptian Islamist movement says it won’t recognize Israel under any circumstances, and might put up peace treaty with ‘Zionist entity’ up to referendum; ‘Israel is enemy entity,’ he says

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Muslims & Christians celebrate in Tahrir Sqaure

By 8:30pm Tahrir square was packed. The flag-bearers were back. The neon pink standard of the candy-floss man could be spotted again, bobbing over people’s heads in the crowd. The men with their fireworks had also returned. People were handing out stickers calling for the release of detained blogger Maikel Nabil and were carrying posters […]

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Egyptian army officer’s diary of military life in a revolution

Despite the crucial role played by the military in Egypt’s upheaval, little is ever heard from those at the heart of the armed forces: the ordinary, mid-ranking personnel whose loyalty to the military, or lack of it, could yet determine the outcome of the revolution.

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After the spring, the thaw: Egypt

A week ago last Saturday, as scores of protesters fled across the Nile away from a charging squadron of khaki-clad military policemen, the Arab Spring seemed to have come full circle in faintly Orwellian fashion. Almost 11 months previously, I had walked in the opposite direction over the very same bridge as the first waves of Egypt’s popular uprising came crashing into downtown Cairo.

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