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Egyptian army officer’s diary of military life in a revolution

Despite the crucial role played by the military in Egypt’s upheaval, little is ever heard from those at the heart of the armed forces: the ordinary, mid-ranking personnel whose loyalty to the military, or lack of it, could yet determine the outcome of the revolution.

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After the spring, the thaw: Egypt

A week ago last Saturday, as scores of protesters fled across the Nile away from a charging squadron of khaki-clad military policemen, the Arab Spring seemed to have come full circle in faintly Orwellian fashion. Almost 11 months previously, I had walked in the opposite direction over the very same bridge as the first waves of Egypt’s popular uprising came crashing into downtown Cairo.

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US campaign to target the Muslim vote

Eyeing to empower the sizable minority ahead of next year’s presidential elections, a leading US Muslim advocacy group has launched a campaign to boost political participation of American Muslims.

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Egypt clashes move into 4th day, U.S. worried

Egyptian security forces fought opponents of army rule in Cairo for a fourth day on Monday and the United States, worried by the violence, urged the generals to respect human rights. Medical sources said the death toll had risen to 13 since Friday. Hundreds have been wounded and scores detained.

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Egypt’s Islamists to offer “Halal” tourism

Islamists are dominating Egypt’s elections and some of them have a new message for tourists: welcome, but no booze, bikinis or mixed bathing at beaches, please. That vision of turning Egypt into a sin-free vacation spot could spell doom for a key pillar of the economy that has already been badly battered by this year’s political unrest.

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Egypt: the real fight for democracy has yet to begin

When it comes to economics, you don’t mess with Wael Gamal. Before becoming a managing editor of Shrouq – Sunrise, to you and me – he was economics editor of the Egyptian daily, and he casts a cold eye on soldiers who don’t understand money. “Not a single one of the 20 generals on the […]

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We should not fear a Muslim Brotherhood win

The belief is that the Muslim Brotherhood, after 85 years in the wings, finally stands on the brink of power. The idea of an Islamic party running such an influential and strategically important nation is viewed with horror in the West. Commentators talk of the Taliban, or remind us how the optimism of the Iranian revolution was dashed by repressive theocrats.

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Egyptians cast ballots in post-Mubarak polls

Egyptians have started casting their ballots in the first parliamentary elections since former president Hosni Mubarak was toppled in a popular uprising earlier this year.

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Binyamin Netanyahu attacks Arab spring uprisings

Binyamin Netanyahu has launched a scathing attack on the uprisings in the Middle East, saying that Arab countries are “moving not forward, but backward” and support from the US and European countries was naive.The Israeli prime minister said the Arab spring was becoming an “Islamic, anti-western, anti-liberal, anti-Israeli, undemocratic wave”.

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Egypt activists call for ‘million-man’ rally

Activists in Egypt have called for a mass demonstration in Cairo, a day after the cabinet offered its resignation to the ruling military council following clashes that have left at least 33 people dead and hundreds injured.

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