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Saudi: baby steps for women and politics in the Kingdom

By: Reuters Source: VOA NEWS RIYADH – Saudi Arabian women are running for election and voting for the first time on Dec. 12, but their enfranchisement marks only a pigeon step towards democracy and gender equality in the autocratic Islamic kingdom. “For 10 years, since men first voted, we have waited for this chance,” said Fawzia al-Harbi, one of hundreds of female candidates who began campaigning this week. “Now they have given it to us I decided I have the ability to do it.” Fully veiled apart from her eyes and hands and with male chaperones at her side, she met potential voters in a Riyadh shopping mall. Only a fraction of them actually will go to the polls...

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Malawi Muslims Fight Teenage Prostitution

Malawi: Muslims set out to stop prostitution

By: Prince Jamal Source: OnIslam The Malawi Muslim community has joined hands with sectors across the region in the fight against rising levels of teenage prostitution which is said to have reached alarming proportions in the impoverished southern African nation. “There are growing levels of teenage prostitution in the country. There are hundreds of teenagers in brothels and on the streets in our cities and towns, selling their bodies for a living; a situation which, if left to continue, will kill the social fabric of this country,” Alhaj Jafaliee Kawinga, president of Muslim Forum for Democracy and Development (MUSFORD), told “It is this situation which has compelled us to...

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Iceland economy booms after sending banksters to jail

  By: J. D. Heyes Source: Natural News Banks around the world are no longer the quaint little savings-and-loan depositories of yesterday. Today, most of them are owned or co-opted by giant mega-wealthy criminal conglomerates that charge customers for everything from cash deposits to ATM fees. One Western country finally figured out that allowing these criminal enterprises to continue operating business as usual was hurting growth and destroying its economy, so its government decided to make some serious reforms. Instead of bailing out the big criminal banking enterprises, Iceland instead chose to try, convict and jail criminal banksters. And as a result, the country has the fastest...

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