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BBC admits to Israeli propaganda

One of the most consistent aspects of the BBC’s reporting of Gaza and Israel is the insistence of its journalists that any “outbreak of violence” is the fault of the Palestinians.

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Thousands of Hamas supporters rally in West Bank

For the first time since 2007, Hamas supporters flooded the streets of the West Bank to mark the Islamic movement’s 25th anniversary. Riding a wave of increasing support after the deadly exchange of fire with Israel last month, Hamas called for more rallies across the West Bank.

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Iran bans YouTube launches it own video site

Iran has launched its own video-sharing website after the country deemed YouTube’s content inappropriate. The website aims to attract Persian-speaking users and promote Iranian culture, according its ‘About Us’ section.

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Palestinian teenager shot dead in West Bank

A Palestinian teenager has been shot dead in the southern West Bank city of Hebron, after Israeli security forces stationed at a checkpoint opened fire on him.

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Israel’s Revenge: 3000 illegal Jewish settlement homes to be built in West Bank

Countries around the globe, including the US & UK, have condemned an Israeli announcement to build 3000 more Jewish homes on occupied territory. The move seen as revenge for the UN vote recognising Palestine, will further isolate Israel on the global stage and reinforce its position as an international pariah.

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Egypt’s Draft Constitution – English translation

The long awaited Egyptian Draft Constitution has been released with President Mohammad Morsi calling a referendum on Dec 15 2012. Read an english translation of the draft constitution.

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Australian Muslims welcome decision to abstain on Palestine but urge Yes UN vote

Australian Muslim community welcomes the decision by the Australian government to abstain from, rather than oppose, a vote in the United Nations General Assembly on the Palestinian observer status resolution. But also ask them to vote yes.

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Palestinians to renew UN statehood bid

The Palestinians will renew a bid to upgrade their status at the United Nations, a move which could strengthen their statehood claims after talks with Israel stalled.

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Singer Stevie Wonder cancels pro-IDF performance

After great pressure from activists including reminders of, and analogies between Israeli apartheid and that of South Africa, the celebrated American singer and song-writer Stevie Wonder cancels a scheduled performance for a “Friends of the Israel Defense Forces” fundraiser.

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Israel eases some Gaza restrictions

Gaza residents say that Israel has eased some border restrictions as part of its ceasefire with the Palestinian territory’s Hamas rulers, allowing farmers to visit land near its security fence and letting fishermen head further out to sea.

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