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133 children die a day in Afghanistan

133 children die a day in Afghanistan

According to available figures, about 73 percent of people
in Afghanistan lack access to clean drinking water and 95 percent
do not have access to sufficient sanitation. As a result,
diarrhoeal diseases are responsible for the death of 48,545
children every year in the country.

US soldier kills 16 Afghan civilians in shooting spree

A US soldier has killed more than a dozen Afghan civilians, many of them women and children, in a night-time shooting spree in southern Afghanistan. The Afghan president, Hamid Karzai, condemned the shootings as “intentional murders” and demanded an explanation from the US.

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Afghan families living in extreme poverty: 30,000 children dying

More than half of the families in Afghanistan are living in extreme poverty, with 30,000 plus children die every year in Afghanistan because they don’t get the nutritious food they need to survive. Weakened by relentless hunger, their immune systems collapse and they are unable to survive the basic diseases that finally kill them, like pneumonia or diarrhoea.

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Taliban factions regroup to fight US invaders

All jihadi groups, in consultation with Islamic Emirate Afghanistan (shadow Taliban government in Afghanistan), have decided to set up a committee to set aside differences in their ranks and step up support for war against western forces in Afghanistan.

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Limited supplies of food left as winter looms in Afghanistan

More than 2.5 million people face hunger in drought-stricken areas of Afghanistan despite billions of dollars of aid that have poured into the country in recent years, aid agencies say. Many villagers have only limited supplies of food left as winter looms, as the BBC’s Mike Thomson reports from the central province of Bamiyan.

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US changes tack towards Taliban

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is saying that any Afghan-led peace process would have to include the Quetta shura Taliban and its leader, Mullah Omar.

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Success against Taliban ‘may be exaggerated’

The success of one of Nato’s targeted raids aimed at leaders of the insurgency may have been exaggerated. A report notes that in briefings to the US media, aggregate claims made for the number of Taliban leaders killed or detained over a given period were sometimes much greater than the numbers recorded in the daily press releases.

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Decade on, Afghans mull Taliban return

The Taliban was ousted from power by the US troops in Afghanistan, Since then, the group has launched guerilla warfare against the US-led foreign troops. But many Afghan see the Taliban rule is better than the presence of the foreign troops in their country.

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Taliban ‘offered bin Laden trial before 9/11’

Former minister says group was prepared to see bin Laden put on trial prior to 9/11, but US was not interested.

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Worst US loss of life in Afghan war as helicopter crash kills 31

Eight Afghan soldiers and 30 US Special Forces from unit that killed Osama Bin Laden have been killed after Taliban insurgents shoot down their Chinook helicopter in Afghanistan

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