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Intimacy in Islam

Let’s talk about Sex….or can’t we?

Ladies and gentlemen, I am talking about That-Which-Cannot-Be-Named in all Muslim marriages. Sex. At the rate we produce children, you’d think it was a topic we could broach. Alas, this is not so – much to our detriment as individuals and communities. Something as deeply intimate as sex has the profound ability to either heal or harm. With the misinformation that’s out there, what chance do newlyweds have at establishing a good footing from the start of their marriages? We live in a world that tells you exactly what sex is about, whether you like it or not. Undressed women on gigantic billboards, pop culture encouraging young women to degrade themselves for love and young men being told...

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Amalina Aman

Fashion, Islam and Aussie-grown talent’s Raidah Shah-Idil chats exclusively with up-and-coming Muslim fashion designer Amalina Aman about her clothing label, dreams and inspirations… How did you get started with a career in fashion design? I started to have a passion for fashion at a very young age. When I hit my high school years, I already knew what I wanted to do in my career. I have always loved fashion in everything and all the history behind it. As a young Muslim girl, I really wanted to do something big in Islamic fashion, so my family pushed me to the limit to do what I love the most. I have been studying fashion for four years, and at the moment I’m doing my Advanced Diploma in Fashion...

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Nasya Bahfen: A Modern Muslim woman balancing career, family & faith

Are you a single Muslim woman with a good career? Are you starting to feel like you’re on the ‘wrong side’ of 20, or (gasp!) 30? Do you struggle with the usual “Are you married yet?” questions? Read about the experiences of Dr Nasya Bahfen, and know that you’re not alone! MuslimVillage’s Raidah Shah Idil interviewed Dr Bahfen, a lecturer at the journalism program at RMIT. Learn more about Dr Bahfen’s experience as a Muslim woman who balances faith, academia, and marriage. What challenges did you face while living in Australia as a Muslim woman? I faced both professional and personal challenges. Professional, because I chose a non-traditional...

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