In The Name Of God The Most Merciful, Most Compassionate

All Mohamed Ghilan


A word on mockery

By: Mohamed Ghlian Source: Our modern culture has embraced mockery of anything and everything to the extent that nothing is off limits as the idea of the Sacred has by and large been discarded. The elders, parents, teachers, religion, prophets, and even God Himself have all become regulars on comedy sketches on television and many comedy acts. Mockery has become so much the norm that when an individual or a group of people has an adverse reaction to it, they’re viewed as uptight, too serious, and lacking a sense of humour. After all, these are just words – so, take it easy. Right? Words are not just sounds we produce to form letters that we string together and...

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Viewing Pornography

Really dealing with pornography

By: Mohamed Ghlian Source: I wrote an article in the past outlining some of the ways viewing pornography could be altering one’s brain. The idea with that article was to appeal to the better sense of those who spend their time in this disgusting activity. It was an attempt to also provide some possible empirical explanations for why they feel “hooked on porn.” May be after learning what they were doing to their brains, pornography addicts may take positive steps towards getting rid of this habit. However, as I think about this now, I find this approach to appeal to the selfish desires of the pornography consumer. In an attempt to get such a person to give up...

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Misunderstanding God, not man, causes more tension with evolution

By: Mohamed Ghlian Source: In the spirit of beating dead horses, there seems to be a need to write yet another set of paragraphs on this “Theory of Evolution and how Muslims handle it” business. I received a message from someone wondering if part of the tension with regards to this subject can be attributed to how numerous Muslims actually picture God – not Adam, but God Himself. Talk about hitting the nail on the head! As we get lost in the details of this debate, we miss the underlying image of God that many Muslims unwittingly uphold and do not want to let go of. It is an image of God creating and shaping Adam much the same way a pottery maker makes pottery....

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