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The vexed issue of Islamic leadership

We do not need ‘youth’ leaders or ‘elders’. What we need are leaders who have learnt their religion and who continue to learn their religion. It just so happens that by the time you have even a modicum of knowledge in this area you are getting close to no longer being a youth. And what we need are youths who are willing to learn from those who came before them so that they may also become learned leaders of their community.

In the days post the murders of the Free Gaza activists the Israeli PR machine went into overdrive using there usual MO – we are the victims and are entitled to defend ourselves. What they quickly found out was that the majority of the international community, putting aside the US and its almost manic neurosis when it comes to criticising Israel, wasn’t buying what they were offering for sale.

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  In today’s Fairfax press there is another one of those ‘which city is better’ stories.  It must be the alternate month because this time around Sydney has come out ahead of Melbourne.  I don’t get hugely excited by these stories because a) they’re usually pretty vanilla and reflect the interests of whoever commissioned them […]

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20 May 2010 We must do all we can to protect women, especially Muslim women, from discrimination and oppression so they live an open lifestyle.[Fred Nile,MLC] The above quote from Fred Nile evidences a very admirable sentiment and one that we should encourage all our politicians to support.  At first glance, for anyone who […]

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April 15 2010 Anyone with kids will know exactly what I mean when I say that I’m sick of all the projects I have to do! Yes, we all know that the kids are supposed to do their own work.  But we also know that it is the parents who end up doing most of […]

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