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Taiwan wants to go Halal too

By: Shelley Shan Source: More needs to be done to encourage Muslim visitors to visit Taiwan, Saudi Arabian travel industry representatives said, as the Tourism Bureau aims to attract more Muslim tourists. Cathay Pacific Airways Riyadh-based sales and marketing manager Mazen Ibrahim Kabbout and several Cathay affiliated Saudi Arabian travel agents were this week invited by the bureau to visit Taiwan. It is the first time the bureau has invited Middle Eastern agents to explore business opportunities in Taiwan. Taiwan needs to resolve visa issues if it wants to draw more tourists from Saudi Arabia, Kabbout said. “All Arabs, especially Saudi Arabians, need to arrange visas...

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Santa Barbara City College written in Arabic by second year Arabic language student and Political Science major Michael Levitt, 20, in class in the IDC Building on West Campus, Monday April 21, 2014 in Santa Barbara, Calif. Professor Jazmin Puignau is the sole teacher for the Modern Standard Arabic courses at City College; interested students can enroll for Beginning Arabic I for Fall 2014 semester with two classes offered.

Islamophobia and the criminalization of Arabic

By: Yasir Suleiman Source: Al Jazeera Discussing conflict, the Italian political theorist Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937) told us decades ago that when language comes to the fore as an issue in society, we should conclude that there are non-linguistic issues simmering under the surface. The opposite is also true: conflict, whether political or social, can bring language to the fore as a site of non-linguistic meaning. In extreme cases, languages can be criminalised after their own people. Arabic, in the West, provides a sad example of emerging criminalisation. Here is how the criminalisation argument runs: since Arabic is organically linked with Islam and Muslims as the language of faith, and...

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Getting ridiculous: Flying while Muslim paranoia is out of hand

By: Star-Ledger Editorial Board Source: The former Princeton associate professor yanked off a plane for doing math is only the latest such embarrassment in the era of Donald Trump. Almost weekly, we are seeing reports of someone kicked off a flight for a ridiculous reason, best summarized as flying while Muslim — or just while looking Muslim. There was the 26-year-old student at University of California, Berkeley, escorted off a plane for speaking Arabic; the Muslim passengers barred from flying after viewing news reports on their phones, or asking if they could sit together, or “staring back at” a crew member. The Sikh activist and fellow at Stanford Law School who said...

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