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UK: Birmingham Muslim women’s centre “a breath of fresh air”

By: Poppy Brady Source: The Voice A WOMEN’S enterprise hub in Birmingham has been hailed as a ‘breath of fresh air’ by Muslim women who have moved to the UK from France to make new lives for themselves and their families. The Women’s Enterprise Hub in Sparkbrook has been operating for the last two months and is already helping to transform women’s lives and give hope to new settlers coming to Birmingham. Those with business ideas are being helped with start-ups plans, employment, marketing and growth through networking and peer support at this Ladypool Road centre. Self-contained within the Southside Business Centre, the hub offers contemporary space for ‘hot desking’, using the...

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Cameron to Muslim women: learn English or face deportation

By: Leila Fadel Source: NPR The British prime minister has a plan to help battle extremism by teaching Muslim women in Britain to speak English. If migrants don’t learn English, David Cameron says they may face deportation. But his comments sparked outrage from Muslims and migrant advocates, who say the state is unfairly singling out Muslim women, while providing limited resources for newcomers to Britain to learn the local language. Transcript: ARI SHAPIRO, HOST: Britain’s prime minister announced on Monday that he wants immigrants to learn English. If they don’t, they could face deportation. David Cameron drew widespread criticism because his focus is on Muslim women....

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‘Flying While Muslim’ website to record experiences of Muslim travelers

By: RT Source: RT An imam and TV presenter stopped from boarding a plane to America “because of a Facebook follower” has set up a website to support Muslims who have been barred from traveling because of their faith. In December, Ajmal Masroor, 45, was prevented from traveling to New York after US officials told him his visa had been revoked. He was on his way to lead prayers and speak at two events. Masroor, also a spokesperson for the Islamic Society of Britain, said he was told he “may have done something wrong.” “They were insinuating there was somebody in my Facebook group they wanted to talk to and don’t like,” Masroor told the Evening Standard. “There’s 28,000 people who follow me...

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