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Hijabi fencing champion prepares to defend America in Rio

By: APF Source: Ibtihaj Muhammad hopes her history-making appearance at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics will help change attitudes towards Muslims in the United States when she becomes the first American athlete to compete wearing a hijab. The talented 30-year-old African-American saber fencer has already guaranteed her spot on the US Olympic team after earning enough points at the World Cup in Greece in January to qualify. Muhammad’s qualification comes against an ugly backrop of anti-Islamic rhetoric in the United States, with Republican presidential contender Donald Trump vowing in December to bar all Muslims from entering the country if elected. For Muhammad,...

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Canada: Muslim women confront harassment with self defense

By: Brigitte Noël Source: Vice News Sitting cross-legged in a Montreal North dojo, a group of Muslim women are discussing the best way to deal with getting your veil pulled off. “I’ve been told to carry an emergency scarf with me,” one says. “Just in case.” They laugh, but the hypothetical scenario is not a joke; this is a self-defense class designed specifically to help women deal with Islamophobic attacks, which have become increasingly common in recent years. Teacher Salma Ahmad demonstrates one possible response to the hijab pulling. Swinging her arms up in front of her, she lets out a guttural scream. “But they usually come up from behind,”...

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Self-defense for Muslim women, by Muslim women

By: Osman Noor Source: Al Jazeera America Since the fall, in the months that followed the Paris attacks and the shooting in San Bernardino, the backlash against Muslims in America has been a steady hum — online and offline, on the presidential debate stage and in small towns in Iowa. The vitriol has taken on many forms, but one target is the most common: women and girls who wear the hijab. In San Diego, a Muslim woman’s hijab was allegedly ripped off before her assailant began yelling racial slurs at her. In the Bronx, a sixth grader was attacked by classmates, who tore at her hijab during recess. And in Brooklyn, another Muslim woman accused a United States Postal Service worker of...

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