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Australia: My year undercover with fanatics

By: Unnamed for security reasons Source: The Sydney Morning Herald I wrap a checked shirt around my head and pull up the hoodie to conceal my face. Holding a makeshift Islamic State flag on a piece of paper, I take a deep breath, then I hit “Record” on my phone. “I pledge my allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and the caliphate Dawlat al-Islam.” One journalist spent a year undercover in Australia’s radical Islamic networks. Then I hit send. It’s June 29, 2015. I’m a journalist, and I’ve just pledged my allegiance to the Islamic State. Three hours later I get a response. Melbourne recruiter Neil Prakash, one of Australia’s top Islamic...

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Abdullah Muflahi and Chris LeDay bravery against police injustice

By: Sarah Lazare Source: AlterNet Abdullah Muflahi is a Yemen-born Baton Rouge resident who owns a popular Triple S Food Mart in the Louisiana capital. Chris LeDay is a Georgia resident and Air Force veteran born and raised in Baton Rouge. Both men played critical roles in exposing the brutal police killing of African-American man Alton Sterling, just outside of Muflahi’s store. And both say that, because they revealed the murder, they quickly became the next police targets, hit with retaliatory detention, abuse and degrading treatment that threw their lives into upheaval. “They treated me like I was a criminal,” Muflahi told AlterNet, “I was just a witness.” Muflahi used his phone to...

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Turkish armed forces crush attempted coup

  By: DAILY SABAH Source: DAILY SABAH Acting Chief of Staff Ümit Dündar said on Saturday that the Turkish Armed Forces have immediately brought down the coup attempt by the Gülenist Terror Organization. Speaking in a press conference in Istanbul, newly appointed acting Chief of Staff Dündar said that the commanders seized by coup plotters have been taken to an unknown location and that coup attempt was largely by troops from the Turkish Air Forces. ”Turkey has shown the world its commitment to democracy,” Dündar said and added that the Turkish people who sided with democracy and rule of law thwarted the attempt, while saying those who took part in the betrayal will not go...

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