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US: Muslims gather with Jews and Christians for Iftar

By: Christopher Merchant Source: Berkeley News Representatives of multiple faiths bridged cultural and religious gaps on campus Friday when they gathered to break bread together at an interfaith observance of Ramadan, a holy month of Islam. The iftar, or post-daylight meal that Muslims around the world share after abstaining from all food and water during the day, was organized by Cultural Connections of Berkeley, a student group. Coined the Ramadan Friendship Dinner, the gathering was also hosted by the International Students Association at Berkeley, the Jewish Community Relations Council, Temple Sinai in Oakland, Bay Area Cultural Connections and the San Francisco branch of the Pacifica...

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Image by Reem Saad/Doha News

Qatar: Family feeds 300 people a day in Ramadan

By: Reem Saad Source: Two summers ago, a local family put a refrigerator outside their house stocked with free cold water, laban and juice. The fridge had a note that said, “Take anything you need,” giving many workers access to refreshments during the hottest months of the year. Now, the Qatari family is distributing iftar meals to hundreds of workers in the same spot alongside the fridge, by the Chamber of Commerce at Muntazah signal off of C-Ring Road. Over the past week, blue-collar men have been lining up there an hour before sunset to grab a plate of food, refreshments and bread before heading back to their homes. Workers could be seen exchanging smiles and greetings...

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This is not the time to waste food

By: Muna Al Fuzai Source: In a world full of hunger and corruption, food wastage has serious implications socially and economically, and in terms of the environment and health – not only in poor countries, but in rich countries as well. This issue was not on the table a few years ago, but today it is attracting a lot of attention by Western governments and even the United Nations. It is likely that this matter will soon turn into an urgent issue that will impose itself on decision makers to come up with new regulations with specific standards. The subject of food waste has not only economic, but also national, and serious environmental dimensions. France was one of the...

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