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American Muslims refuse to be FBI informants, notified about no fly list status

The United States government sent four American Muslim men letters notifying them that they had been removed from the No Fly List. The men had no criminal records when

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Smart phones, social media, and Muslim kids

The need to protect our children from the abuse of these gadgets and from the darker corners of the web cannot be overemphasized. Allowing them

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Children’s upbringing: getting it right

The religious instruction of a Muslim child commences from the day it has entered into this ephemeral world. The Athān and Iqāmah are proclaimed in

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Russia and Qatar may lose world cups

Russia and Qatar could lose the right to host the 2018 and 2022 World Cups if evidence is found of corruption in the bidding process, a FIFA official was quoted as saying on Sunday

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Moscow: Muslims request hijab friendly beaches, Jews and others agree

The suggestion of the Muslim community to organize separate beaches for men and women has been supported by representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church, Jewish and

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London: Muslim woman attacked ‘for wearing hijab’

A British Muslim woman allegedly had her hijab ripped off in a racially motivated attack in London. Police say they have arrested two people in connection with the crime

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Saudi: birthplace of Wahhabism becomes tourist spot

Inside a massive complex on the outskirts of Riyadh filled with parks, restaurants and coffee shops, hundreds of laborers are rehabilitating mud palaces once home to

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8 reasons marriages fail

When you enter into a marriage, you never think about the fact that a large percentage of marriages actually fail. Marriages fail for many reasons and if

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US airline apologises over anti-Muslim discrimination

United Airlines has apologised to a Muslim chaplain who said she was denied an unopened can of soft drink on an affiliated US domestic flight by an attendant who

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Saudi wants ‘YouTube imams’ to toe the line on Yemen

Embroiled in its largest military venture in three decades in neighboring Yemen, Saudi Arabia is launching its own quiet war at home

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