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Europe: Media-fueled Islamophobia on the rise

By: Richard Sudan Source: RT In the aftermath of the horrendous attacks in Paris, Muslims in Britain have come under siege both verbally and physically. This is according to experts, think tanks and groups, and has now also been confirmed with new figures released by the police. It seems as though almost daily, Britain’s Muslims are becoming targets of abuse due to warped government policy, which insists on bombing Muslim lands abroad and wonders why we become less safe at home, and a media which pretty well encourages such abuse. Muslims have the right to feel safe, the same as anyone else and had nothing to do with the murders in Paris – but let me just state the blindingly obvious...

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Australia: Campus Islamophobia – pig’s head in prayer room toilet

A University of Western Australia Muslim Students Association event from the MSA’s Facebook Page. By: RT Source: RT A severed pig’s head was found in the toilet of a Muslim prayer room at the University of Western Australia, prompting a police investigation. It comes less than two weeks after 14 pigs’ heads were left at a refugee center in the Netherlands. The pig’s head was found by Majdi Faleh, a PhD student from Tunisia, who was preparing for his regular prayers at the campus mosque. “The first feeling was the feeling of someone who’s being threatened. I didn’t expect to see that,” Faleh said, as quoted by ABC. “It’s not because it...

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10 things holding the Ummah back in the world today

By: Source: The Muslim Ummah is lagging behind and this is not a hypothesis by an outsider looking from the periphery; but that of a Muslim who is troubled by this very real but sad fact. It’s there for all to see; ranging from the extremism of certain factions to the neo- colonization of Muslim lands by the corporate and financial powers that be. This is an Ummah that once ruled one-third of the world. Produced one of the most enduring and enlightened civilizations that mankind has ever witnessed. From legal luminaries, theologians to scientists, this empire of faith was the vanguard and forerunner to what the western powers pride themselves with, viz:...

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