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Is there a problem with eating beef?

By: Mufti Abdullah Nana Source: IlmGate Mawlana Abd al-Hayy al-Lakhnawi (Allah have mercy on him) writes, “The incident of Rasulullah (Allah bless him with peace) sacrificing a cow on behalf of his wives during the Farewell Hajj and distributing its meat to his wives is recorded both in Sahih al-Muslim (#294) and Sahih al-Bukhari (#1709). I have not come across an explicit narration which mentions that Rasulullah (Allah bless him with peace) ate the meat of a cow. Shaykh Abd al-Haqq Dehlawi (Allah have mercy on him) writes in Madārij An-Nubuwwat, “It is established that Rasulullah (Allah bless him with peace) ate the meat of sheep, but we do not know for certain if he ate the meat of a...

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Supports shower a hearse carry Qadri with rose petals.

Pakistan Blasphemy law controversy: Mumtaz Qadri hanged

By: MWC News Source: MWC News Pakistan has hanged the assassin of a governor who sought to reform the country’s controversial blasphemy laws, officials and supporters said Mumtaz Qadri – feted as a hero by many supporters – was executed at a prison in Rawalpindi. “I can confirm that Qadri was hanged in Adialia jail early Monday morning,” police official Sajjid Gondal told the AFP news agency. Qadri, a bodyguard of Salman Taseer, the governor of Punjab province, shot him dead in the capital, Islamabad, in 2011. Dozens of rangers and police in riot gear as well as ambulances were stationed outside Qadri’s home in the city early on Monday. During his trial,...

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What would a Sahabi think

Lessons in honest speech and reporting from the Companions (ra)

By: Nabeela Vadi, Cii Radio Source: The role of the media is to bring to its people; honest and accurate knowledge of any happenings that will have an impact on the people. Unbeknownst to us, the role of the media can be seen to draw back even to the era of the Sahabah or Companions of the Prophet (PBUH) (RA). The Sahabah (RA) would report accurate and truthful information to the Prophet Muhammed SAW and after his (SAW) demise, the Sahabah (RA) would document true and accurate information about the Prophet SAW, his (SAW); life and encounters. We can say that the Sahabah (RA), who quoted the Beloved Rasool (SAW) were in fact the highest calibre of reporters. Now I am not...

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