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10 tips for accepted dua (supplication)

By: Source: Imam Ghazāli (Allah grant him mercy) mentions the following ten points of etiquette for the acceptance of dua (supplication): 1) Making abundant dua in sacred and special times of acceptance. For example, on the day of ῾Arafah, Jumu’ah, in Ramadhān and in the last portion of the nights etc. 2) To make dua in specific states. There are certain circumstances in which dua are readily accepted. Such as in the state of prostration, at the confrontation of two armies, at the time of rain, before and after salāh etc. 3) To face the qiblah, raise the hands and wipe the hands over the face upon completing the dua. 4) To have the voice lowered. 5) To invoke,...

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Syria: Gov’t forces retake Palmyra from ISIS

By: RFE/RL Source: RFE/RL Syrian government forces, backed by Russian forces, have recaptured the historic Syrian city of Palmyra from the ISIS (IS) extremist group, state media and a monitoring organization say. Syrian television announced on March 27 that the army and its militia allies took complete control of the city of Palmyra and were clearing mines and bombs set up by the militants. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a British-based monitoring group, said that there was still gunfire in the eastern part of the city early in the morning on March 27 but the majority of the Islamic State forces had pulled out and retreated east. Retaking the town is a major symbolic and...

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Are you in need? Just ask Allah!

By: Jinan Bastaki Source: VirtualMosque “Is He [not best] who responds to the desperate one when he calls upon Him…” (Qur’an, 27:62) For whatever problem we have, whatever difficulty we find ourselves in, we have the most powerful weapon to ward off the pain that plagues us. It is the weapon of du`a’. We know with certainty that Allah is Al-Mujeeb (The Responsive). We have read many articles telling us about the importance of du`a’, but in order for our du`a’ to be truly meaningful, we must accompany that du`a’ with a certain brokenness in the heart. This brokenness is the feeling of utter need, submission and surrender to Allah, and realizing that truly it is only He who can get us out of...

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