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I am Muslim. Deal with It.

Since she was verbally abused while wearing a hijab and driving her father’s old SUV, the unlucky incident reminded us of a Jeep commercial aired during the Super Bowl

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Treatment of women in ISIS enclaves causing fear, resentment

Increasingly stiff restrictions on the activities and lifestyle of women living under the rule of the Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq have caused local moderates abundant fear

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America’s early Muslims

The story of Islam in early America is not merely one of isolated individuals. An estimated 20 percent of enslaved Africans were Muslims, and many sought to

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The Prophet’s (pbuh) covenant with Mount Sinai’s monks

On no one shall an unjust tax be imposed, and with the People of the Book there is to be no strife, unless it be over what is for the good [5:48]. We wish to take them under the wing of our mercy

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Confronting the beast: Jordan and ISIS’ grand plan

For ISIS, the term “Byzantine” is held to stand for today’s “Crusader West” and its acolytes. Islamic State fighters assert that this epic “War of the Cross” will unfold with a

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Zuhd: non-attachment to the world

When we approach the topic from the perspective of our own day; all of humanity, and we Muslims especially, need a return to those first generations known as

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Homeless man charged with fire at Texas Islamic Center

A homeless man has been arrested and charged with arson for a fire that destroyed a building at an Islamic institute in Houston, fire officials said on Monday

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Chapel Hill Shooting: police looking into hate motive

Police on Thursday were trying to determine whether religious hatred played any role in the killing of three Muslims in North Carolina

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Egyptian, Libyan air forces strike ISIS in Libya

Egyptian and Libyan warplanes completed airstrikes Monday against the Islamic State gather in eastern Libya, the militaries said, in striking back for activists decapitating 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians who were abducted in Libya.

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Salāt al-Hājah: the prayer of need

Salāt al-Hājah (“Salāh of Need”) refers to performing two or more rak‘ats of optional salāh with the purpose of fulfilling one’s needs, whether followed by

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