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Watch Hajj 2013 LIVE


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Hajj Live: Check out this video feed on YouTube.

On behalf of, Eid Mubarak to you and your loved ones. Inshallah it is celebrated with much joy and happiness.

Don’t forget those less fortnuate in your dua.

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IkramAli 5pts

Mashallah, Subhanallah, Allah-hu-akbar

Abdul Quddus
Abdul Quddus 5pts


allah grant us tawfiq to ziharat for his greatest holy mosque (ameen) 5pts

MashAllah we ended up with an amazing 48,000+ visitors to the page in just 24hrs. Alhamdulillah All success is from Allah.

Dostmohamed_Rehana 5pts

we must not forget all those in difficulties all over the world in our duas may ALLAH HELP them ameen

peace786 5pts

saudi arabia have announced eid on the wrong day again... - proof saudi arabia didnt see the moon on saturday 5th october yet still anounced eid on tuesday 15th october,.. it is wrong to mislead people they will be sinned

any 5pts

Alahu Akber

kam 5pts


is it day of arafat today or tommorow..people are confusing me i am fasting today but some people say day of arafat is on tuesday as saudi arabia falsely claimed to have seen the moon.. can any1 confirm 5pts

MashaAllah this page is tracking over 1000 visits an hour for the last 15hrs +

Naeema Shumellah
Naeema Shumellah 5pts

Then fast on that day. Even if its 8th in ur country like us in kenya. U can then either continue til 9th, or u can pray Eid. Best is to follow ur local muslim leader. Because this is a matter of fiqh, and even prominent scholars differ on such matters, esp of arafat. May Allah accept from us all, Aameen. 5pts

Some Muslim countries will have Eid Al Adha on different days. Accordingly the day of Arafah will be either on Mon Oct 14 (as in Saudi Arabia ) or Tue Oct 15. 5pts

This is sometimes a confusing issue as the day depends on what methodology is being used to determine the start of Dhul Hijja. The fast should be what day is considered to be the 9th day where you are - this could be based on local or global moon sighting or even calculation or simply following your Mufti. Best to follow your trusted local religious authority InshaAllah.

Aahid Iqbal
Aahid Iqbal 5pts

We know the day of Arafah is 9th jilhajj. If a person living in an area where 'on the day of Arafah' is 8th instant, in which date should s/he fast?

Huda Qureshi
Huda Qureshi 5pts

Jazakallah I was able to view. Allahu Akbar. Such a sense of tranquility it's intoxicating. Love to be there InshaAllah when its my turn 5pts

@huda Qureshi - keep trying. Will try and update the feed if we find a better one InshaAllah 5pts

When it is busy it is sometimes hard to get a link, but keep refreshing and you will eventually get a good feed.

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