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Bill Cosby: We should all be more like Muslims


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The iconic stand-up and star of the beloved sitcom The Cosby Show routinely weighs in on cultural matters.

This past weekend, Cosby penned an op-ed for The New York Post in which he detailed some of the flaws in modern society. He also suggested we should take a page out of the Koran if we want to have healthier families, less crime and more productive people.

I’m a Christian. But Muslims are misunderstood. Intentionally misunderstood. We should all be more like them. They make sense, especially with their children. There is no other group like the Black Muslims, who put so much effort into teaching children the right things, they don’t smoke, they don’t drink or overindulge in alcohol, they protect their women, they command respect. And what do these other people do?

They complain about them, they criticize them. We’d be a better world if we emulated them. We don’t have to become black Muslims, but we can embrace the things that work.

Thahira Iqbal
Thahira Iqbal 5pts

Islam is the most misunderstood religion in the world. That is why even 'Muslims' are not able to abide by it.

Islam : total surrender to Allah is all that it demands of us. Put all your burden upon Allah and do good deeds and try to explain and advise others when they stray away. Be united, love each other and love the whole of mankind, respect life etc etc;

But alas! man is not so patient. One must remember that all will not have the same views and we can only lay down proofs and facts for our brothers to understand. The true guidance should come from Allah alone. No other can guide us.

But we should beware of false Hadees manupulated and interpolated by the Hypocrites to ruin the concept of this total surrender.All we have to do is to go back to the source: the Quran that give us the laws of how to live this life, and the life of our beloved prophet (sal) who lived his life ONLY as the Quran directed him to. If we find any narration going agaisnt the Quran it has to be rfejected.

this is the only way to stand united.

May Allah guide us all.


Thahira Iqbal

GC66 5pts

He is referring to the "African-American Muslims".

They are the backbone of Islam in America and they have to set the standard here and not allow the influence of cultural attachments to Islam that come from abroad(which have absolutely nothing to do with pure Islam) to take root here.

They are doing an ok job, but they need to step it up a couple of paces.

I refer to the bad traits associated in the American publics eyes and minds of what they see of Islam in the media over seas

Rafiq Islam
Rafiq Islam 5pts

The problem has been this: "Scholars" of modern age don't know New Science (this is not ILM science, this is dogma science that has been derived from Eurocentric science and NOT true science that original islamic scholars were expert of). It's okay not to know them, but they actually believe in the New science and believe whatever these 'infidels' (their words, not mine) are saying when it comes to matter of 'dunya'. So, when cigarettes or cokes were first introduced (these are less than 100 year old technology, even though tobacco and carbonated water existed for ever), these 'scholars' said nothing and at best could say 'doubtful'. After all, it was being promoted by the owner of New science, they didn't dare cross them. Until now, that's the attitude. On the other hand, the New scientists have been programmed to think of Islam as a 'religion' while science in their mind is supposed to be 'secular'. So, they never bothered going to Quran and Hadith for anything. "Muslims" new scientists are the same. We broke rank and went to Quran first and discovered, EVERYTHING in New science is false and motivated by Money, which is indeed their ILAH. We have written some dozen books, all published from USA (the "Great Satan's" country). While they have been wildly successful, they didn't make headway in the "Muslim" countries. Muslim countries argue this: you cannot talk about Islam, because you are not even Arab. You cannot talk about science because, you know what? White guys have already completed everything that is needed to do about science. The logic of haram and halal is very simple. If wine is haram, even though it has some good in it, how can cigarette, coke, sugar, aspartame, etc. can be halal even though they have nothing good in them? If pork is haram, even though it's actually tasty real meat, how could artificial hormone, artificial antibiotic infested, genetically modified food can be halal even though there is nothing 'tayeb' (pure) in them?

Sameh Strauch
Sameh Strauch 5pts

Shilah, who told you scholars are divided on smoking? Since Islam forbids harming oneself and forbids waste, there is no difference of opinion on it. It was considered makrooh (disliked) by some early scholars hundreds of years ago, because at that time, they did not know that it caused cancer and other terminal illnesses. Now they know, there is no reputable scholar who would say that smoking is not haram.

Nicole Briggs-Elgammal
Nicole Briggs-Elgammal 5pts

In the United States, many people's only exposure to Islam and Muslims is with the Nation of Islam and i'm sure that's why he says "black muslims." I read the article and I wished he hadn't added "black" in there because that may give people a reason to feel justified in disliking "foreign" muslims.

Shilah Shahid
Shilah Shahid 5pts

I believe he is not a racist. Everybody knows that drinking is haram but smoking, well... scholars are divided on smoking. The Black Muslim community believe that smoking is haram because it harms our body, so if they want to become a Muslim, they have to quit smoking first.

Ali Siddiq Spurlock
Ali Siddiq Spurlock 5pts

the nation of islam is known for cleansing the neighbors of societal problems and social ills... the black muslims are known for being organized and structured

Ali Siddiq Spurlock
Ali Siddiq Spurlock 5pts

for the record - his reference is not to sunni muslims; it is to the nation of islam

Zarin Nurani
Zarin Nurani 5pts

no adultary.. no gossip.. no slandering... no sexy... no manymore No and no one muslim can practise all... but we keep try to do best.. we are all just human.. world is full of temptation and passion ^_^

Osama Frank
Osama Frank 5pts

Lots of non muslims do the same with their kids. Reference shouldve been made to a religion rather than a group of people. However, all respect.

Mohd Faizal Jasman
Mohd Faizal Jasman 5pts

We should aspire to be exemplars in both our words and our deeds.

Alkhuwailiyah Irhamni
Alkhuwailiyah Irhamni 5pts

I like ur words & style Mr. Cosby. Anyway Muslims are regardless the skin color & ethnicity

Umm Abdullah
Umm Abdullah 5pts

black muslims? :/ why not just muslims?? i'm guessing that's what he's been exposed to? ah well, at least they're giving a good example!

Fauzia Khan
Fauzia Khan 5pts

have you seen the hateful cmments on the original article?

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