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Short term Muslim marriages boom in India

by OnIslam & Newspapers

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Indian bride

By: OnIslam & Newspapers

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Suffering from abject poverty, Indian parents are putting their daughters in short-term marriages with wealthy Muslim tourists for money.

“In India the girls are coming for a cheaper rate and they are beautiful,” Inspector Vijay Kumar told The Telegraph.

“Even if they are only staying for a few days they are doing this kind of illegal marriages for sex.”

Many Indian families are putting their daughters in contracted marriages for short periods with wealthy Muslim travelers.

One of girls engaged in this kind of marriages was Nausheen Tobassum, a 17-year-old girl from Hyderabad in southern India.

Tobassum escaped a one-month marriage arranged by her family with a wealthy Sudanese tourist.

“I had to show courage to go to police against my parents,” she told The Telegraph.

“I don’t want to go back to my home, I am scared.”

The 44-year-old groom, married with two children in Khartoum, had paid around £1,200 for his would-be Indian wife for four weeks.

The story began when the young Indian girl was accompanied by her aunt to a hotel to be introduced with three other girls to the Sudanese man.

The man had paid 100,000 Rupees (around £1,200) to the girl’s aunt, who in turn paid 70,000 Rupees to her parents, 5,000 Rupees to the imam who conducted the marriage, 5,000 Rupees to an Urdu translator and kept 20,000 Rupees for herself.


A wedding certificate was prepared with fixed terms of divorce at the end of the groom’s holiday.

“I didn’t know what was happening and I agreed in ignorance. They forced me,” Tobassum said.

“They changed my date of birth certificate and made a fake one, where I was shown as 24 years old.”

Terrified by the situation, the would-be wife escaped and went to the police to report the incident.

“They exploit girls and that’s why I went to police,” she said.

The police arrested the groom, the victim’s aunt and the imam and issued a warrant for her parents’ arrest.

Shiraz Amina Khan of Hyderabad’s Women and Child Welfare Society, said there were up to 15 contract marriages in the city every month and that the number is rising.

“They come to Hyderabad because it has maximum downtrodden families,” she said.

“Thirty to forty percent of families are going for the option of contract marriages to relieve their poverty. It has to be stopped.”

Marriage in Islam is of utmost importance as it is upon the lawful union of a man and a woman that society grows strong and that moral is preserved.

The majority of the Prophet’s Companions hold the view that after the completion of the Islamic legislation, mut`ah marriage was made absolutely haram.

Mulla Nasruddin
Mulla Nasruddin 5pts

Poverty is a sin !!....the temporary marriage or sex slavery as largely practiced ME and North Africa among Muslims is the result of poverty and ignorance of large section of Islamic society. This is exploited by the rich and the ulemas act as the go between.They do not realize that taking advantage of poverty is a greater sin !!

GC66 5pts

I am an American convert and have studied mutah to an extent and I can not say I am completely against the concept if the intentions for a short term marriage are very specific.

To me, mutah may be a way to save a marriage long term, if this couple eventually were to make it permanent.

But to marry for money and sex is absolutely disgusting. This is not mutah but exploitation and short term slavery.


Jo Mura Algadi
Jo Mura Algadi 5pts

They r afraid of poverty.... But not afraid of Allah??? The poor girls have they heart for the children?

Hibah Hendricks Jacobs
Hibah Hendricks Jacobs 5pts

DISGUSTING! Muslims should know right from wrong. Why not give Zakaah? No hadeeth can justify such base behavior!

AshrafHussain 5pts

This is a wrong and exaggerated report and the mutt'ah marriage is also not practiced so much in indian Shias its the middle eastern Shias who do it..and i think this things are more widely spread in countries like Malaysia, Indonesia etc. Perhaps few cases near the Hyderabad region where the arabs visit frequently.. Yes they get money as gifts but the Indian parents mostly marry their daughters to these arabs thinking they genuinely want to marry them and spend life with they have more than one wife.But they flee away after a few days leaving the girls behind.

Raheel Shroom Khaliq Mua
Raheel Shroom Khaliq Mua 5pts

Desislava, I've yet to see a Hadith which permits this. Please give evidence with your statements.

indian_observer 5pts

The problem seems to be some what exaggerated. The mut`ah marriage (temporary marriage) is a allowable proposition for Shia Muslims only. And in India Shia population is very miniscule – almost negligible. Of course poverty among Muslims are wide spread because of lack of education and economic opportunities and to some extent discrimination. May Allah guide us to the right path. Amen.

Hassan Al Delami
Hassan Al Delami 5pts

Follow my generation and the 2-3generationns after me,if you want to me on the straight path.Then will come a people who will do what they were not ordered to do and will not do what they were ordered to do.. Muhammad saw.

Hassan Al Delami
Hassan Al Delami 5pts

Heard on the Arabic news Tunisians allowing their wives to be allowed to Syria and cater for the sexual desires of the Mujahideens.Scholars have condemed the act as zina and Kufr...

Desislava Trufeva
Desislava Trufeva 5pts

Actually this practice is sunnah in Islam. And is practiced by poor as well as rich Muslims in Muslim as well as non Muslim countries. I guess that's why the halal Muslim tourist industry is booming worldwide!

Mahdi Moro Smaali
Mahdi Moro Smaali 5pts

There is NOTHING Muslim about this practice!!! This is SHAMEFUL!!!

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