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Surah 67 Al Mulk (The Kingdom) – Mishary Rashid Al Afasy سورة الملك

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Captivating, Innovative and Meaningful Visualization of Surah Al Mulk (The Kingdom) سورة الملك recited by Sheikh Mishary Rashid Al-Afasy Surah Mulk in all its might and glory.

Each verse explained visually in the best manner possible in real time. The translation is word for word at some places. Please watch carefully to notice this fact.

Emotional but flawless recitation of Chapter 67 of the Holy Quran. Recorded from night prayers in Ramadan 1427H in the Grand Mosque of Kuwait.

This video was made specifically for non-Muslims as a first introduction to the Quran. This chapter of the Quran is full of divine wisdom and scientific information and it asserts the might of the Lord Almighty.

Most verses are straightforward. But some verses deserve special attention. These are not merely beautiful words. This chapter is a fountain of knowledge and wisdom as is the rest of the book it came from.These words have inspired generations to greatness.

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