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A Shaitan comes to Australia

by Barney Zwartz

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A Shaitan comes to Australia

By: Barney Zwartz

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

ALL Muslims should renounce their religion immediately in favour of Christianity or atheism – it would be better for them and for everyone else, controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders said in Melbourne on Tuesday.

Insisting politely that he did not want to incite or offend anyone, the anti-Islam campaigner described the prophet Muhammad as ”a warlord, terrorist and paedophile” and urged Australia to ban the Quran and all migration from Muslim countries.

Told that Premier Ted Baillieu had advised Victorians to ignore him, Mr Wilders said the Premier could ignore the threat of Islam and ”sing Kumbaya” all day long, but the voters would wake up eventually.

Mr Greet Wilders was speaking to the assembled media at a secret location 40 minutes’ drive north-west of Melbourne, of which they were notified only in the morning.

The media had to register in advance, show ID on arrival and pass several burly men in dark suits with black radio earpieces.

For years, Mr Wilders has lived under constant police protection, staying in a government safe house and being driven in an armoured car, but before his visit Melbourne Muslim leaders said he was under no threat of violence from local Muslims. However, the Q Society, which is hosting his three-city tour, says it has had more than two dozen venues refuse to host him or cancel bookings for fear of violent protests.

The Q Society was founded in 2010 to ”educate Australians about Islam”, media spokesman Andrew Horwood said.

Mr Wilders – impeccably dressed and coiffured and a polished media performer who never raised his voice despite some hostile questioning – said Islam was a totalitarian system that was incompatible with freedom.

”I am here to talk about the Islamisation of Europe,” he said. ”If you think what happened in Europe will not happen in Australia you are totally wrong.”

He said he did not oppose the multiculturalism on which Australia prides itself, but cultural relativism, ”the crazy idea that all cultures are equal, so you don’t have a dominant culture”.

He said Islam was based on the Koran, which contained more anti-Semitism than Hitler’s manifesto Mein Kampf, and on the example of the life of the prophet Muhammad.

”Muhammad was a warlord, terrorist and paedophile (who slept with a wife when she was nine). If 1.5 billion people think he is the best example to follow it’s fair and necessary to analyse it and be able to talk about it.

”I call on all the Muslims in the world to leave Islam for Christianity or atheism or whatever they want. This will be good for them and also for our free society.”

Australian Multicultural Foundation chief executive Hass Dellal said that call was so outlandish there was no sensible reply.

”He is full of contradictions and is wrapped up in his own notoriety. He never speaks of tolerance, understanding or cohesion,” Mr Dellal said.

Islamic Council of Victoria past president Ramzi Elsayed said Mr Wilders’ remarks simply showed ignorance. ”He seems to be losing rationality in his argument,” he said.

Mr Wilders cancelled the Perth leg of his tour because a hotel hosting him pulled out late on Tuesday.

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Feb 20 2013

An alliance of organisations and individuals from across New South Wales have come together to re-affirm in a joint statement their support of the state’s multicultural and multi-faith community.

This is their joint statement in response to the Geert Wilders visit to Australia to spread bigotry and disharmony.

New South Wales is a multicultural and multi-faith society in which racial, religious and linguistic diversity is embraced as a strength. This vibrant diversity has generated social, cultural and economic benefits for all of the state’s citizens.

The community holds a diversity of views and beliefs, observes many different cultures and traditions and speaks a wide range of languages. The 2011 ABS Census illustrated our cultural diversity: In New South Wales 31.4% of people were born overseas; 48.1% had at least one parent born overseas; 27.5% speak a language other than English at home; and 129 different faiths are followed.

Community harmony in New South Wales is strengthened by a long-standing, shared commitment across government, community and business to respect and embrace difference, to respond appropriately to unjust treatment and vilification, and to recognise and celebrate our common bond as proud Australians.

We have a collective responsibility to respect fellow citizens and preserve the social cohesion that characterise New South Wales as a great society. We also encourage genuine and constructive engagement and dialogue as a means to achieving greater understanding and acceptance of diversity.

We welcome challenging ideas and debate which does not incite hatred and animosity towards specific cultural or faith-based communities. All people of New South Wales have a right to practice their faith and observe their cultural traditions and languages free from discrimination or vilification.

This statement is endorsed by the following organisations and individuals (in alphabetical order)

• Affinity Intercultural Foundation

• Amitabha Buddhist Association of New South Wales

• Australian National Imams Council

• Columban Mission Institute

• Islamic Council of NSW

• Standing Committee on Interfaith Dialogue for the World Fellowship of Buddhists

• The Catholic Diocese of Broken Bay

• The Uniting Church in Australia, Synod of NSW and the ACT

For more information contact:

Mr Mehmet Ozalp – 0401 222 706

Sr Trish Madigan OP – 0407 743 346

Rev Dr Brian Brown – 0408 421 744


multicultural success_joint statement


ECAJ - Media Release - Geert Wilders 20 2 2013

mohdibrahim 5pts

Muslims do not have to feel upset about this Dutch Jackal. The best thing to do is to maintain the highest level of Sabr and provide FREE the english translated Quran to people of Australia who wanted to know about Islam. The Holy Quran will prove who is this Jackal really are and the thruth about Islam.

Kevin Golding
Kevin Golding 5pts

Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais got a visa too.

Kevin Golding
Kevin Golding 5pts

Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais got a visa too.

MervynCharles 5pts

I cannot agree that Kafir is derogatory but I agree that truth offends and is stranger than fiction. Kaffer became derogatory in Apartheid South Africa because it was used to dehumanise the black population, but in the Quran it simply describes those who reject faith. Calling a spade a spade is quite in order, according to the Truth of Allah in the Quran. Bismillah!

alisiya 5pts

Secular society includes the right to criticise any or all religions - paradoxically this protects religious minorities because no single point of view can be imposed.

Geert is a propagandist - ignore him - or laugh at him - or be constructive like JCMA

Subhi Alshaik
Subhi Alshaik 5pts

What did taj Mustafa say that even comes close to what this racist says. Not a good comparison mate.

TruthJustice 5pts

Can we please not call this guy a Shaitan, because thats offensive to Shaitan :-)

TruthJustice 5pts

Ok looking at this Geerty person and his followers namely, Cory Bernardi, Alan Jones and a handful of other blowhards, there is a pattern that I’m seeing. These are unintelligent, loud mouth beings who have been left behind by evolution. These are the remains of the Neanderthal populace that failed to assimilate and adapt to changing conditions and society. From a medical point of view one can see that they suffer from either extreme narcissism or a combination of narcissism, delusion and Asperger's syndrome. They have a tendency to create their own alternative worlds or even universes and often are extremely illogical and prone to believe in conspiracy theories, Easter bunny’s and yes even Santa Clause. They are caught up in their own myopic delusional worlds and have this incessant urge to get people to believe what they believe and will fight tooth and nail to clasp at whatever information comes their way that feeds their delusions. Mind you I know a few Muslims too who are in this same category. Basically there’s a few of these types in every society. Occasionally society believes them enough to come together and act on these illogical ideas eg. Hitler and his Nazi followers. I was shocked at the lack of respect shown to the Natives of this country. In the hall where he spewed his guts out I saw a Anglo Australian flag, a Dutch flag, a American flag and a British flag. Nowhere did I see a Native Australian flag, nor did they mention the Native Australian population in their speech anywhere, nor did they ask permission from the traditional owners of the land to be there. The place was full of weird old people. Probably of British Anglo origin. I think it was very disrespectful and a disgusting performance. They failed to mention the fact that Islam came to this country 200 years before white invasion. They failed to mention that Muslims have been living in this country for over 400 years in relative peace and harmony. If they love all things European or British then why don’t they just leave this country and let us go on with our lives in peace as we have been for the past 400 years. And for future reference can we not refer to non Muslims as “Kafirs” or call them other derogatory names, it’s just not cricket. Just say Non-Muslims. Khalaas. As they say “ignorance is bliss”, so lets all just ignore these primitives and go on with our studies and work and families. The more we talk about these nutters the more it stokes their ego and sense of superiority.


MervynCharles 5pts

Mr Greet Wilders loves to hate and he knows nothing of Islam or Christianity and needs to do some hard work of examination before he continues to flap his tongue. I was Christian for more than half of my life and Islam is the best thing that ever happened in my life.

Mr Wilders will be surprised to know that the Bible agrees with the Quran that the Messiah was not crucified and he can examine the Bible for the evidence of the magnificent hoax in which two thieves were named Jesus for their sudden and unexpected crucifixion after Pilate set the Messiah free.

Mr Widers and his supporters can purchase a copy of The Age Of Reason at and check the Bible for the facts that have escaped Christianity for 2000 years.

HassaanSyed 5pts

Do NOT believe the lies of the Islamophobic bigots and LIARS.

The holy, pure, perfect, and infallible Prophet Muhammad (SAW/Peace be upon him) is NOT as they say and NEVER did as they said.

The truth is that Hazrat Aisha (Rad) was 19+ years old when she married the holy, pure, perfect, and infallible Prophet Muhammad (SAW/Peace be upon him). There is a whole science to determining which hadiths are authentic.

In reality the holy, pure, perfect and infallible Prophet Muhammad (SAW/Peace be upon him) IS the MOST honourable, righteous, pious, kind, sincere, handsome, beautiful, pure, intelligent, honest, modest, knowledgeable, and GREATEST creation of God Almighty.

Islam is the best way of life.

The Quran is the perfect word of God Almighty!

Subhi Alshaik
Subhi Alshaik 5pts

Amazing how he got a visa to enter Australia with such racist views. Imagine a Muslim speaker trying to enter Australia and saying similar things about Jews or Christians? What are his chances of getting a visa? ZERO. Tells you a lot about our government by allowing this racist in??

Andrija Micheal Kvaich
Andrija Micheal Kvaich 5pts

he is a hypocrite! he says Islam oppresses freedom yet he wants to take the freedom away from Muslims all over the world...

ISubmit2Allah 5pts

What most Muslims fail to understand is that the best way to combat this kafir and his kafir society is through Dawah.

There has always been 'Geert Wilders' throughout history including during the time of our beloved prophet (peace and blessings upon him), the greatest kafir of them all, Abu Jahl but what was the prophet's (peace and blessings upon him) response? That's right, continue doing dawah.

Muslims need to understand that non peaceful protests (which are almost all of our protests due to our hot blooded nature) only do us more damage than good and allows Geert Wilders and others like him to point the finger at us and say "See what I mean" or "I rest my case"

What these kafirs don't realise is that they are actually spreading Islam because all they are doing is making thousands of non Muslims curious about Islam.

Sure it might inflame the majority of ignorant kafirs into hating Muslims and Islam but it will also ignite the curiosity of others into researching Islam for themselves where, by the grace of Allah, they will discover the truth and the beauty of Islam and accept Islam through reversion insha Allah. Even if just 1 person reverts to Islam, it is all worth it even if hundreds of thousands despise it.

This article is a classic confirmation of the following verse: Never will the Jews or the Christians be satisfied with you unless thou follow their form of religion. Say: "The Guidance of Allah,-that is the (only) Guidance." Were you to follow their desires after the knowledge which has reached you, then you would find neither Protector nor helper against Allah. (Qur'an 2:120)

Their intention is to extinguish God's Light (by blowing) with their mouths: But God will complete (the revelation of) His Light, even though the Unbelievers may detest (it). (Qur'an 61:8)

loganclive 5pts

This guy is somewhat radical but no more so than some Imams that preach hatred against the west. As a non-muslim, it does make one concerned when venues and hotels cancel or refuse his bookings for fear of violence against them for hosting him which to me shows that Islam can be violent when it feels offended (as was the case recently with that rediculous short video that ridiculed Mohammad) So maybe this guy has some valid points for Australians to be aware of.

Umm Rageh
Umm Rageh 5pts

Although i agree that we should ignore this person and not react emotionally to his views im actually wondering just HOW is it that he hasnt been arrested on bigotry and hatred charges?? He is inciting others to hate a religion that has a 1.6billion strong populace! Many mashayekh have been detained arrested and convicted on much less. Hmmm definitely an eye opener, lets hope Allah swt opens his heart to Islam or stops him in his tracks Ameen

Cindy Rahal
Cindy Rahal 5pts

The more the world and people like this fighr Islam the stronger Muslims become added to this the number of reverts also increases.

Youssef  Khaled
Youssef Khaled 5pts

Al Ayub, can we take the law into our own hands? If we want to follow the steps of the Beloved we must start with ourselves and families; that's what we have control over. Visit a brother and respectfully reminding him of Allah and His Nabi is better for me than anything. This is what we have control over. As for git... it is the promise of Allah and His Prophet that where ever there be someone ridiculing Allah or His Prophet or Islam that that place will one day be a pulpit where LAA ILAHA ILLALLAH MUHAMMADURRASOOLULLAH will be proclaimed. That's a promise.

Al Khwaja
Al Khwaja 5pts

لاَ هَوْلَ وَلاَ قُوَّتَ اِلاَّبِاللّهِ

Al Ayub
Al Ayub 5pts

Fauzia Khan go and read about how the prophet dealt with kaab bin ashraf

Mansoor Ali
Mansoor Ali 5pts

The Prophets marriage to Aisha R.A was purely for the benefit of Islam. When prophet passed away the ummah use to go to Aisha R.A for guidance and to sole their queries, as she was the only person close to Prophet S.A.W. Prophet Mohammed had kids only through Khatija R.A. who was a widow before she got married to the Prophet. People like Greet Wilders will come and go, the Essence and Greatness of Islam will never fade.

Naeema Shumellah
Naeema Shumellah 5pts

Such Ppl are So Ignorant. They're focusing on Prophet s,a,w's Marriage to Aisha r,a, and Have No Idea Prophet Married Other Older Women, some were older than him for 20 yrs! who were Widowed, not only taking care of widows but also their orphans! Let the low life Mr Greet & the like of him, do whatever they please, Let Them Plan, ALLAH is The Best Planner. We dont fear Kufaar. We Fear ALLAH. May ALLAH Make Us Firm & Steady in Our Faith, Allahumma Aameen.

Shamanta Hussain
Shamanta Hussain 5pts

We follow the Prophet (peace be upon him) by what he has told us to do. He never told us to go and marry a child. He told us to think rationally, control our anger, show everyone kindness and mercy and most importantly, to obey Allah. May Allah guide him to the truth and light of Islam. And if not, then let him be dealt with the Almighty. Ameen.

Youssef  Khaled
Youssef Khaled 5pts

Ya-Seen:76 فَلَا يَحْزُنكَ قَوْلُهُمْ ۘ إِنَّا نَعْلَمُ مَا يُسِرُّونَ وَمَا يُعْلِنُونَ Fala yahzunka qawluhum inna naAAlamu ma yusirroona wama yuAAlinoona So let not their speech grieve thee. Lo! We know what they conceal and what they proclaim. ............ Our weapon is dawah, after sincerely wanting it to be. Let this guy plan; we know who the best of planners is.

Ataullah Patel
Ataullah Patel 5pts

let them do whatever they can....they can just dream about...but never get success...They are just about to see THE BIGGEST REVOLUTION ON THE EARTH...after 1400 years...

Shaziya Rahman Nadeem
Shaziya Rahman Nadeem 5pts

I think we should not decide what Prophet ( peace be upon him) said or did let those decide who are people of knowledge,and what we can do best is to follow t he teaching of islam,let non muslims get impressed by our true culture,give them easy tidings....islam and our Muhammad ( peace be upon him)is all about peace and love for people of all races!

Fauzia Khan
Fauzia Khan 5pts

don't talk about things you know little about AL Ayub

Tineke Cannon
Tineke Cannon 5pts

Please IGNORE this man!! I am a Dutch Christian living in Australia and as an ESL teacher to many lovely and wonderful Muslim students, I have been following his progress closely. The BEST thing to do is IGNORE him. Just do not give him the satisfaction of even one second of your life and energy, he is not worth it. Continue with your peaceful existence in Australia like you always have. Waleiykum assalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

Nisrina Rofidah
Nisrina Rofidah 5pts

His name is GREED(t) son of WILDer is that a good name ?

Zeina Akkouche
Zeina Akkouche 5pts

he's the least of our worries..... ALLAH s.w is with us

Neelo Jaan
Neelo Jaan 5pts

I think he is mentally disturbed n he should see one of our top Psychologists here in Bankstown. He is a moron and has no idea about our beautiful book.

Elena Porcelli
Elena Porcelli 5pts

Not very Muslim of us to label someone a "shaitan" MV... however I chortled when I saw it, gotta admit :D

Shaziya Rahman Nadeem
Shaziya Rahman Nadeem 5pts

All this hatred for our beloved Prophet ( peace be upon him) increase our love for him( peace be upon him) it doesnt make any difference to our muslim folk,go on wild beast go ahead and keep on promoting islam "indirectly"!

Boy Pick Up
Boy Pick Up 5pts

Du'a is the best weapon.. may Allah kill him... amen.

Zamil Mattar
Zamil Mattar 5pts

Shame on Q society and Australian immigration for granting this filth of a man to pollute the airspace. A simple check on wikipedia and they would have known this fool spells trouble. 5pts

Muslims in Australia should now be fully aware that the Q Society group that is hosting him is their enemy. They are actively working to attack Halal food, the establishment of Islamic Schools, new Mosques, and many other Islamic initiatives.

Nas Tetouanie
Nas Tetouanie 5pts

As a muslims living in the Netherlands where this poor individual resides as well. I advice you not to give this ignorant human being too much of your precious time...since he is a all talk, no walk

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