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Thousands in Karachi protest Anti-Islam film

by AFP and AP

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Thousands of people have taken to the streets of Pakistan’s biggest city, Karachi, in the latest protest against a film deemed anti-Islamic which was privately made in the United States.

The protesters, who included activists from the hard-line ‘Sunni Tehreek’ organization, marched down the city’s main M.A. Jinnah road on September 29 while some trampled on the American flag.

Shafiq Ahmad, a senior police officer in Karachi, said there were “at least 15,000″ protesters while rally organizers claimed “millions of people” participated.

The crudely-made “Innocence of Muslims” movie has sparked angry, and at times violent, demonstrations across the globe.

Pakistan experienced the worst of the violence on September 21 when nationwide rallies mobilized more than 45,000, including many members of right-wing religious parties.

During the demonstrations, at least 21 people were killed and 229 wounded, mainly in clashes with police.

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