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‘Malaysia declared ‘top Muslim tourist destination’

by ANI

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The Hilton in Kuala Lumpur by Stuck in Customs. Creative Commons.

The Hilton in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia has been declared a top tourist spot for Muslims, according to an independent study. The study came to the conclusion based on the number of trips by Muslims, and declared that the top destinations for Muslim tourists are Malaysia, Turkey and UAE.

According to The Star, the next six destinations are Singapore, Russia, China, France, Thailand, and Italy, the Global Muslim Lifestyle Travel Market: Landscape & Consumer Needs Study survey conducted by United States-based marketing research firm DinarStandard said. In the report, Malaysia was highlighted for catering to Muslim tourists’ needs.

Almost 67 percent of the Muslims surveyed said that having halal food options was the most important factor in choosing a travel destination, the report said. According to the report, the study estimated that the Muslim tourism market was worth 126.1 billion US dollars last year, or 12.3 percent of the world’s outbound tourism expenditure.

The survey had 992 Muslim tourist respondents between May and June and was produced in partnership with the Singapore-based Crescentrating travel portal, the report added.

lamir1566 5pts

salam a'aleikum,

by these words i want to ask allah to bless you for the hope you give to us muslims around the world.

i am only a poor single dad  with children 4 who were living with me until the last two years when i decided to 

send them to my parents in algeria my country because france have changed a lot the laws and the secular ongoing education

but now i would like to know if is it possible for me to leave europe for malaisia and live in muslim village with my children in 

peace together like before. we have faith in ALLAH because we know what others don t, may ALLAH protect everyone

we praise him and ask him blessings and protection for all 

 ferienhäuser an der Costa Brava
ferienhäuser an der Costa Brava 5pts

Nachdem ich dieses Bild, das ich einfach sprachlos werden jetzt ragt diese Villa reisen wollen. Die Außenseiten Aussicht ist wunderbar, oder was wird die Szene in der Früh nur mit i bin fühlt sich für sie. Die entworfenen Stühle und Spiegel oder die schöne Aussicht von der grün ist vorstellen und so romantisch. Ich werde da sein mit meiner Frau. 5pts

Perhaps visiting the holy sites is not considered as "tourism", but more of a religious visit.

Mohshin Mahmud
Mohshin Mahmud 5pts

Surprised Saudi is nt on the top 3 even though it is home to the two holy mosques

GF Khan
GF Khan 5pts

beautiful country , was there last month and wanna go back again

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