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What Islam says and what Muslims do (Masjids, Mosques, Islamic Centers)

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When I became Muslim, I saw a big difference between what Islam teaches and what the Muslims did. I decided to make videos, with the hope of making a positive difference.

momina 5pts

Come to think of it, Hadrut Muhammad SAW was an all in one leader - Justice, General, Administrater/Governor, Educator, Medical care provider, society reformer, family man......a multitasking able personality! Its the best demonstration of balancing Rights of Allah and Rights of People in perfect harmony. This is what our Deen is all about!

momina 5pts

:-) Its always nice to hear Ali "reminding / refreshing" us of what we already know, but do not put it on our fast everyday life's priority list....till we are done with this world's chores!

Because our residence was in the middle of a Shia Masjid and a Sunni Masjid, I know that other than the regular prayers they had activities such as the Sunni Masjid held Quran learning, reciting, activity for children after Asr prayers as in the times of our Nabi Muhammad SAW. They also have a Darul Shifa (Tabib and medicine maker/giver as a free service for the needy.)The Shia Masjid kept its door open amidst tight security, for visitors to make use of the Library of Shia Shariah,, and hold Majalis and meetings to decide on issues braught up.

Yes in our Nabi's period, Masjid -e- Nabvi was the place to pray, tend to administrative procedures of Madina, solve disputes and social problems, educate children and illitrate, provide medicine and medical care - hence a hub of community for the community.

However, talking, discussion of business or social chats in loud voices is discouraged during prayers and after, unless an Aalim is available to put questions to respectfully, or seek solutions to problems after the obligatory / regular prayer. 

marita_dee 5pts

alhamdulillah, it needed to be said

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