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Dec 10 2011 – SYD – Ideb8 – As Muslims in Australia, should we move on from our Ethnic Cultures?

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As Muslims in Australia, Should we move on from our Ethnic Cultures…..?

We all belong to an ethnicity, we all live in Australia and we are all Muslim. How these juggle these three realities and how do they shape our identity. Do our ethnic cultures hinder or enhance our practice of Islam? Can we be true Australian Muslims if we are attached to a culture foreign to Australia?

Come and listen to what the best debaters of the Australian Muslim community have to say.

Ahmed Kilani                           Amna Karra-Hassan
Sadiq Ansari        vs                 Osman Karolia
Silma Ihram                             Kuranda Seyit

Date: Saturday, 10th December 2011

Time: 6:30pm for a 7pm start.

Venue: Sule College Hall, 27 Queen St, Auburn (entry adjacent to Light Bookstore)

Cost: Tickets are $5 only. (Proceeds will go to charity)

To register please email or phone (02) 9649 9040.

maraml 5pts

Thank you, Battena Shafel, for your understanding of this issue. I am a Muslim and I believe that the ethnic divisions, such as that created by the LMA (though not only by them) are amongst the reasons that Muslims are seen as working against Australia and being unwilling to integrate. By all means keep customs and language, but not in ghettos and exclusive mosques. And while we are about it, let's be egalitarian Australians and give women the same standard of washing facilities, access and prayer space that men give themselves without any thought for the needs of the women.

Battena Shafei
Battena Shafei 5pts

so upset I wont be able to make this! Indeed, let go of the cultural "haram's" and come back to the true meaning of 'Islam'. In my opinion, cutural traditions very rarely align with Islamic values. And what's with the LMA? Why do we still have exclusive groups within the community in Australia?

maraml 5pts

Speaking as an Aussie Muslim, I think that yes, you should move on from your ethnic cultures and embrace Australia. I am fed up with the ethnic squabbles, politics and ethnically-based mosques that assail us. Islam is supposed to break down those barriers and unite the ummah, but the ummah itself works against this.

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